Planning Pregnancy? Checkout 5 pre-pregnancy health tips

Advertisements – Just eating healthy foods when you are trying to conceive won’t guarantee that you become pregnant, though it helps maximize your chances of conceiving.

Follow these pre-pregnancy health tips when you are planning on pregnancy

1. Consult your doctor

Consult your health-care provider who helps you clear through your concerns that may be related to personal and family medical history or the lifestyle habits that influence fertility. If needed your health-care provider may refer you to other professionals such as a registered dietitian who can help you with the healthy lifestyle changes.

2. Maintain Healthy Weight

Obesity or overweight can influence the balance of reproductive hormones that control your menstrual cycle and ovulation. Opt for a balanced diet, when you are planning to conceive, as it will make it easier to eat well during pregnancy. The best approach to maintain healthy weight is by having an eat plan which is satisfying, yet supplies the right number of calories for you.

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3. Get the Folates

Include beans, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits and foods that are rich sources of folic acid in your diet, as they are key for cell development and growth. Research studies have found that folates in fortified foods and supplements a month before conception, as well as in first trimester can lower the occurrence of neural tube defects by up to 70 percent. It is advisable to get 400 micrograms of folic acid from fortified foods and/or supplements when you are planning to conceive.

4. Move on

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Physical exercise can enhance and maintain your physical fitness and overall health, and it can also improve your chances of having a comfortable and active pregnancy. Moderate physical activities can aid in helping with the things such as back pain, swelling and gaining too much weight.

5. Cut back on alcohol and smoking

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Alcohol and smoking are linked to fertility problems and miscarriages. Alcohol consumption and smoking does affect fertility. Have wine before you ovulate if you’re going to do it. Just a glass in dinner on the weekends may not much effect on fertility. Too much alcohol can affect your partner’s fertility as well, so do not encourage him in taking drinks.


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