Mothers Milk can Prevent 20% of Infant Deaths!

Advertisements – Breast milk is the baby’s first vaccine and best protection against any illnesses of diseases, according to Indian government assessment, 20% new born deaths and 13% of under-5 mortality in the country can be prevented with Breastfeeding.

Breast milk is whole milk for the infants and contains the needed nutrients for the baby’s adequate growth and development, preventing stunting. Mothers milk contains antibodies that protect against any illnesses and infections such as diarrhoea and respiratory infections thus saving infants’ lives.

Besides the nutrients and ample water for the baby’s needs, infant benefits from the colostrums from consuming mother’s milk, as the colostrum acts as a laxative cleaning the infant’s stomach.

According to research reports, there are 9 million infant deaths reported a year, and breast feeding saves an approximate 6 million additional deaths from infectious disease. Mother’s milk is most natural actually matches 50% of your baby’s genetic material, and helps in your baby’s development. “Breastfeeding is the most natural, cost-effective and significant intervention and should be promoted at all levels.

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This is an enormous resource that every child has access to,” said India Health Minister in the recent event.
According to the several health agencies, delaying breast feeding by two to 23 hours after child birth can increase the infants death rate of dying by 40% and delaying 24 hours or more increases the risk by 80% in the first 28 days of their birth.

Breastfeeding can benefit not just the full-term infants but also the premature and low birth weight infants. It can also protect the preemies from infections and high BP in later stages of life. Mothers’ milk has nutrition to hasten brainstem maturation, lower the risk of life-threatening disease of the gastrointestinal system and other infectious diseases.

Mothers milk can release endorphins, which create a feeling of calming effect and well being in mother and baby.

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