Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Dried Peas

Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Dried Peas

The matured pea pods are dried to turn into dried peas, and they are available in yellow, green, and red colors. Let’s find out the Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Dried Peas on

Nutrition Facts of Dried Peas

Dried Peas are packed with enormous vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

Half a cup of cooked dried peas contains 144 calories, and it is packed with carbs, proteins and dietary fiber, and very low fats and no cholesterol.

Dried Peas are good sources of molybdenum, thiamin, folate, potassium, and phosphorus.

Health Benefits of Dried Peas

With high fiber content, dried peas have cholesterol lowering effect. Plus the fiber aids in relieving constipation and preventing gastrointestinal problems.

Dried peas aid in regulating blood sugar levels among people with diabetes, hypoglycemia, or insulin resistance problems
Dried peas contain isoflavones, which is beneficial in preventing prostate and breast cancer.

According to the nutritionists, a quarter cup of dried peas contribute to 8% of RDA of Iron daily, which further helps in stronger bones.

Dried peas contain good amounts of folate and magnesium that help lower the risk of heart disease, and in maintaining the homocysteine levels, to avert heart diseases.

The magnesium content in dried peas contributes to improve blood flow while the potassiym aids in maintaining blood pressure and lowering the chances of plaque build up in blood vessels.

Dried Peas contains Molybdenum which plays a key role in detoxification of sulphites. Including a cup of cooked dried peas in diet can obtain 196% of the daily value of molybdenum.

As said dried peas are rich sources of fiber, and they curb hunger pangs, makes you feel full for longer time and aid in weight management.

Risks and Precautions of Dried Peas

Dried peas are natural, low allergenic and have very few side effects.

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