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In this Smiling Mind app review, we’ll go over all the key features of the app and explain why I think it’s such a great app to own. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to practice mindfulness, the Smiling Mind app could be the answer.

What is the Smiling Mind app?

The Smiling Mind app is a free mindfulness app on the Google Play Store and for iOS. The Smiling Mind App is an Australian app that is growing in popularity. It’s a non-profit app used by more than 6 million people, specially designed by psychologists and educators to bring mindfulness to the masses with free, easy-to-follow mindfulness programs for kids, teens, adults, and teachers.


Main features;

  • FREE
  • For individuals, classrooms, workspaces and more
  • 100% evidence-based meditations
  • Available in both Google Play Store and IOS Store
  • sleep meditations
  • sports meditations
  • Concentrate on meditations
  • Meditations for youth & adults
  • Guided and unguided meditations
  • A simple introduction to mindfulness
  • Biteful mindfulness
  • Tons of digestible programs!
  • Multiple languages
  • Advanced Meditations

My personal 10 second version of the app;

The Smiling Mind app is one of the best mindfulness apps I’ve ever used. I love the fact that it’s free and yet there are so many different mindfulness programs to do. This app will help you make mindfulness a daily habit. The look and feel of this app is also great. The color scheme is soothing and the app is easy to navigate!

How does the Smiling Mind app work?

Once you start the Smiling Mind app, you need to enter your email address and create a new password.

You’ll then have to navigate through some introductory screens that ask you what best describes you, how you’ve been feeling lately, how much experience you have with meditation, and what interests you most so the app can customize your experience.


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Your account at Smiling Mind

After giving the app some basic information about yourself, it takes you to your home page. Their homepage directs you to complete 10 simple meditations as an introduction to the app’s programs. You can also see different programs to explore while being reminded to start the next session in your current program. At the same time, the homepage shows you how many programs you have completed in total and how high your current daily streak is.


Every time you start a new program, you have to enter your current mood in the form of smiling emojis. As the days and weeks progress, you can then track your mood in a nifty graph.

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The Smiling Mind app also sends you push notifications based on the time you want to do your mindful meditation each day.

Explore the Smiling Mind app programs

The Smiling Mind app has four tabs in the bottom navigation. Once you click on the Explore tab, you will see different options for different purposes. I love the fact that the app is so diverse and offers different mindfulness meditations for different situations and needs. Once you click the button related to you, you will see a series of programs for you to explore.

  • adult
  • children
  • youth
  • Familys
  • classroom
  • At work
  • Other languages
  • research projects

The overviews of the Adult and Kids tabs below give you an idea of ​​what each program contains.

Rating of Smiling Mind app for adults

That Adults tab contains eighteen different programs that you can familiarize yourself with. All meditations are of different lengths, even just a minute long.

smiling ghost app for adults

  • An introduction to mindfulness – 2 modules/9 sessions
  • Bite-sized – 5 modules/9 sessions
  • thrive indoors – 1 module/10 sessions
  • 21 Night Sleep Program – 12 modules/33 sessions
  • Sleep – 1 module/6 sessions
  • NAIDOC week meditation – 1 module/2 sessions
  • Mindfulness Basics – 9 modules/35 sessions
  • Mindful back to school – 6 modules/11 sessions
  • Sports – 6 modules/12 sessions
  • Unguided Meditations – 2 modules/4 sessions
  • Quiet mindfulness in everyday life – 2 modules/5 sessions
  • To learn – 1 module/5 sessions
  • Dealing with stress – 4 modules/10 sessions
  • Daily ride – 1 module/4 sessions
  • Find 10 minutes for your mind – 2 modules/10 sessions
  • Digital Detox – 2 modules/8 sessions
  • Relationships – 7 modules/13 sessions
  • Advanced Meditations – 1 module/4 sessions

Rating of Smiling Mind app for kids

That Children tab. has thirteen programs for kids to try. There are many mindfulness practices for different age groups.

  • sleeping for children – 1 module/4 sessions
  • 03-06 year olds – 1 module/10 sessions
  • 4th grade student dormitory practice – 1 module/20 sessions
  • School home practice in the 3rd year – 1 module/20 sessions
  • School dormitory practice of the 5th class – 1 module/20 sessions
  • School home practice in the 2nd year – 1 module/20 sessions
  • School dormitory practice of the 6th grade – 1 module/20 sessions
  • Sports – 6 modules/12 sessions
  • School home practice in the 1st year – 1 module/20 sessions
  • 07-09 year olds – 17 modules/56 sessions
  • School home practice in the 1st year – 1 module/20 sessions
  • Bite size for children – 1 module/8 sessions
  • 10-12 year olds – 17 modules/56 sessions

Learn the basics of mindfulness

Learning the basics of mindfulness is easy with the Smily Mind app. The Mindfulness Foundations program contains many different mindfulness practices, all of which are narrated. These mindfulness practices are guided meditations that include the following body & breath, sounds & taste, throughts, emotions, curiosity, Emphasize, Sleep & Gratitude, relationships and mindful listening.

You can work through these sessions at your own pace and the Smiling Mind app will guide you through the sessions. Once you complete a session, you can track your progress. Your percentage bar for each program will go up so you can see what you have left to do.

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Completing each session in each program is quite addictive. Seeing your progress bar fill up with green is very satisfying to watch and makes you want to keep going.

Practice mindfulness on the go

That Daily ride Program focuses on mindfulness on the go. While all programs in the Smiling Mind App can also be used on the go, these sessions are all about take-away Public transport meditations, Walk mindfullycultivation a Mindful Mindset and take one Mindful flight.

10 minute meditations

That 10 minutes for your mind Program includes ten of the app’s most popular 10-minute modules. These meditations include sleeping meditations, breathing, eating, and listening. meditations.

Sleep better with the Smiling Mind app

Another important feature of the Smiling Mind app, whether in the adult or children sections, is sleep. Adult meditations should be done before bed and include visualization meditations such as oceans, Starry Nights, perception, Connect and Accept to calm your mind. All you have to do is make sure you’ve set your alarm before hitting the play button.

The children’s sleep sessions are also similar. As you can imagine they are kid friendly and include meditations like that mind catcher, Bedtime Butterfly, golden glow and Float on a cloud.

All of these bedtime meditations last between 5 and 17 minutes.

Do a digital detox

The Smiling Mind app covers many aspects of our lives and even has several meditations to help you with a digital detox. These are 5 to 10 minute meditations designed to help you detach from social media and instead create a mindful routine to spend your time with rather than mindlessly scrolling.

Mindful meditations for teaching

The Smiling Mind app also provides teachers with mindfulness exercises for use in the classroom. The programs themselves have been developed by psychologists and educators so you know they are evidence-based and aligned with current curricula.

Summary of the review of the Smiling Mind app

The fact that most mindfulness apps lock most of their main features behind paywalls makes the Smiling Mind app’s rating unique. In my opinion it is the best free mindfulness app out there. I love the look and feel of this app. It’s so easy to navigate, unlike many other tracker apps.

It’s a very clean app, meaning there’s no clutter at all, no ads, and no intrusive messages urging you to upgrade. Whatever you are looking for, the Smiling Mind app has something for you.

The fact that it’s a non-profit app tells me that the people behind it really are all about bringing mindful meditation to as many people as possible.

Download now on Android and IOS.

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