Obesity? Outdoor games can cut Obesity Risk in Kids

Nutrihealthline.com – Kids who gives prominence to physical activities and exercises, particularly outdoor games were found to have improved in their academics, and have lowered their risks of obesity levels, says the researchers in their new study.

Researchers have observed through their findings that the physical activity levels among kids are falling short of the recommended levels, and this can harm their health as well as their academic attainment. Children these days are spending far more time in front of the screens than the recommended levels that need to be reduced, the study suggested.

Study lead author John Reilly, Professor at University Of Strathclyde in Scotland said, “The amount of time children spend in front of screens has had an impact on their wellbeing for many years. The popularity of computer games and the emergence of the internet, smartphones and social media have contributed further to this problem.”

Parents and the schools need to make the strategies to encourage the physical activity and reduce screen time, and put emphasis on Outdoor playing activities and other sports children could potentially do 365 days a year, said researchers.

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“Playing benefits children in helping them to develop socially and emotionally, so promoting active outdoor play would have many benefits in addition to improving physical activity, improving academic attainment and reducing obesity,” Reilly noted.

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