Better Kidney Health for Kids- What should you know

Better Kidney Health for Kids- What should you know

While Kidney diseases are common among adults, they can also start young in kids and this is due to congenital defect, prematurity, or past hospitalization. Children with high-risk birth and early childhood history are at high risk of kidney-diseases. The sooner the issue is diagnosed in kids, the sooner you ensure your child’s future kidney health.

Kidney Disease Symptoms in Kids
  • Infants crying during urination
  • Painful urination or bet-wetting in older kids
  • Unpleasant smelling or bloody, dark brown urine
  • Swelling around eyes, face, feet, abdomen or whole body
  • Pale-skin look
  • Persistent abdominal pain
  • Frequent Headaches, Recurring fever
  • Childhood renal stones
  • High blood pressure
  • Producing less urine or too much urine
  • Poor eating habits, appetite
  • Slow growth and development in toddlers
  • Weak urinary stream
  • Excess tiredness, weakness
How to take better kidney health in kids?
1. Let your kids drink lots of water

Kids should stay hydrated, and they should drink lots of water more than usual when exercising especially under hot sun. Children at high risk of kidney problems must stay away from nutrient-spiked or energy drinks. Water is the nutrient-spiked drinks to meet fluid intake.

2. Do not let them take sports drinks and processed foods

Outlet foods are mostly unhealthy and add to the risk of obesity in children. So, let your children stay away from the Vitamin waters, sports or energy drinks, processed ‘super foods‘ that are not at all nutritious.

3. Avoid too much protein

Making your kids indulge in too much protein is a bad idea. Add only the adequate amount of proteins in their diet

4. Too much sodium is bad

Excess salt or sodium can lead to high blood pressure which in turn is bad for kidney health. Eating home cooked foods and avoiding processed ones can help you cut down sodium intake.

5. Regular Exercise

Encouraging your kids partake in physical activity not only helps lower their high BP, but also helps maintain healthy kidneys and overall well-being.

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