7 Tips to Make Your Children Get Fit & Physically Active

Nutrihealthline.com – With the statistics of increasing childhood obesity, Parents and caretakers need to find their best ways in encouraging children follow fitness tips to promote weight management as well as their overall well-being.

Several research studies have shown that kids who are physically active, practicing sports an hour or two daily.

  • Are less likely to become Obese.
  • Are less likely to undergo depression and anxiety.
  • Are less likely to undergo bone fractures.
  • Are more attentive.
  • Have reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Have reduced risk of Blood cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

Here are 7 Fitness Tips for Children to build strength, coordination, and confidence, besides making them physically healthy.

1. Make it a fun activity

Rather than the regular and routine exercise, make it a fun activity for kids to keenly partake in it. Find out what your child is interested in and encourage them to partake in such fin activities.

2. Limit TV and computer time

Kids these days are more attracted to computers, Smartphones and Tablets, but the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests kids no more than “two hours of daily media exposure”. When they are watching and clicking screens continuously, make sure they take quick breaks and move around.

3. Schedule play hour

Let your children daily have a play hour with friends and encourage them play a game of tag, race down the block or kick a ball around or more. Let them help you with clean-up chores, as it will help them move around for a while and avoid being lazy.

4. Present them fitness-oriented gifts

The best way to encourage your children into fitness is by presenting them with the exercise-oriented gifts, be it jump-rope, mini-trampoline, hula-hoop or more.

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5. Playground Areas

Take your kids to the playground areas, though several malls also have play areas and kid zones for children. Enjoying fresh air in the Local Park or playground does good to your kids in reducing the stress and anxiety.

6. Be a model of fitness

It’s easier to motivate kids when you lead an active lifestyle and you are fit. When parents follow a physical routine daily, children are likely to get inspired and follow them, understanding the importance of staying fit.

7. Encourage them to take walks

Encourage your kids to take walks to nearby places like stores, libraries or other places you visit regularly. This will help Kids burn more calories and have more fun when left to their own routes. Anything works, as long as your child actively participates.

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