Tips for Unwanted hair removal to remove facial hair

Tips for Unwanted hair removal to remove facial hair

Facial hair growth on neck, chin, upper lips, cheeks or forehead can be troublesome, but there are several best unwanted hair removal techniques that help you remove facial hair. Here are the best Tips for Unwanted hair removal which are caused due to changes in hormone levels in the body, irregular menstruation, some medications and more.

1. Waxing

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Unwanted hair removal with waxing can be done at home or salons. It is simpler and economical and helps get rid of hair from its roots totally for a long period of time. Also, there are lots of new choices in waxing chocolate and mango waxing that are relatively less painful. However on the other hand, women with sensitive skin are susceptible to itching, redness of the skin, and acne when waxed.

2. Razors

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Razors are the most inexpensive way to remove facial hair, and there are no special skill required for this. However, using a razor can cause skin irritations for it triggers injuries and in-growth of hair or pseudo folliculitis. Also you need to use razor at least as soon as a week to keep your skin hair-free.

3. Epilators

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Epilators cause least skin damage to get rid of facial hair and are very easy to utilize. Plus they are also less expensive. However, epilators can remove only 88 % of hair and cannot remove the little hair causing faster re-growth, while waxing can remove the most of the hair.

4. Threading

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While threading is the least expensive and one of the best hair removal methods, the procedure should be carried out by knowledgeable ones. The method allows hair to be gotten rid from roots and skin remains red for some time. Threading can be painful and discomforting when you undergo through it once in two weeks.

5. Hair Removal Creams

Hair Removal Creams are best alternatives for Facial hair removal for women. Follow the instructions to easily use the Hair Removal Creams without professional assistance which is inexpensive in the long run. However, the process requires regular application creams probably more than as soon as in a week. Also the chemicals included in the creams can lead to causes skin irritation, darkening of the skin and allergic reactions.

6. Laser Hair Elimination

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The best, efficient and long-term elimination of facial hair is via Laser treatment and unlike other above methods these results are long enduring. They doesn’t’ cause any infection or leave any marks. However, laser treatment to remove facial hair is expensive, risky and may hurt. Also, it requires more than one sitting to get rid of the hair completely.

Apart from these Unwanted hair removal techniques to remove facial hair, you can alternative opt for home remedies to get rid of facial hair that are both safe and economical. Watch this space for Facial hair removal for women with home remedies in our upcoming posts.

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Disclaimer* results may vary from person to person