6 Natural Home Remedies to Heal cuts

6 Natural  Home Remedies to Heal cuts

Did you cut your finger while chopping vegetables or with a sharp paper or in any other way? Don’t leave the cuts but try these home remedies to heal the cuts in a faster way with the natural ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen shelf.

1. Turmeric slows the blood flow

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Turmeric with its high antiseptic properties can help stop the oozing of blood from the cut and prevents infections. Dab some turmeric powder on the fresh cuts, and this slows the blood flow. Applying pressure to the area with a clean cloth or tissue also stops the bleeding.

2. Garlic protects against infection

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Garlic is an age-old remedy for the cuts, scrapes, and sores. The antimicrobial agent from allic in protects your cuts from infections. Fresh garlic can be discomforting on skin so be careful. Mix 3 cloves garlic with 1 cup wine in a blender. Let the mix be for two to three hours. Now strain it, and apply the solution on well-cleaned wound with a cloth for twice the day.

3. Honey dehydrates the bacteria

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Honey is not only soothing or reduces the blemishes when applied to a cut, scrape, or sore, but the antibacterial agent dehydrates the bacteria in a wound, helps clean the wound, prevent further infection as well as reduce the swelling. Honey also treats the minor burns and wounds. Apply honey directly to the cleaned wound area.

4. Tea Tree Oil is quick remedy

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Tea Tree Oil is not only great for acne or scars, but it’s quite effective in healing cuts quickly. Tea Tree Oil is packed with antibacterial properties that aid in treating the infections. Applying tea tree oil or tea tree cream on the cuts directly can cut down inflammation and heal them

5. Tea Bags act as astringent

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Tea Bags act as mild astringent and they aid in healing cuts, bites and sty. When placed on the wounds it stops the blood flow and speeds up the healing process of your skin.

6. Plantain Leaves has anti-inflammatory properties

Plantain Leaves are used from decades to treat the wounds, for it’s their cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. Crush the Plantain Leaves to get the potent juice and apply it to the cleansed wound for healing the cuts, scrapes.

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