How to stop heavy bleeding quickly

How to stop heavy bleeding quickly

Most people don’t wish to find themselves treating severe bleeding, but it is advisable to learn How to stop heavy bleeding quickly when in emergency. Severe wounds unlike minor wounds tend to bleed heavily and many not clot quickly requiring immediate medical attention.

It can be a complicated situation and people tend to start panicking when they or someone around them behind bleeding profoundly. If the immediate medical attention is not given, then it can cause some potentially life-threatening consequences. So stay calm and understand ways to stop bleeding.

Here is an ancient natural remedy used by the Native Americans on how to slow the bleeding until the required medical attention is provided. The home remedy will assist you with a superficial cuts as well as with more deeper wounds.

Native Americans have been using Cayenne Pepper from ages to heal the wounds and to Stop Serious Bleeding. Cayenne Pepper is considered to be the spice cabinet ingredient, but you can always add it to your first aid kit, especially when you’re travelling or camping or at home.

It is excellent in treating the superficial wounds. All you have to do is apply Cayenne pepper directly on the wound or cuts and it will stop the bleeding in few minutes. However, if the cuts or wounds are quite deeper and you think topical application may not work, then it is better to Cayenne Pepper orally to make the flow of blood stop.

How to stop heavy bleeding

Mix a tablespoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water and drink the solution to slow down the bleeding. Considered to be styptic, Cayenne Pepper can stop the bleeding when you apply it on the wound while aids in blood clotting when taken orally.

Several doctors also recommend cayenne pepper and confirm its healing properties. If you only master one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It’s more powerful than any other spices,” say doctors.

So remember that you can treat heavy bleeding quickly with the spice cayenne pepper. We hope our post on How to stop heavy bleeding is helpful. Watch out this space for more updates.

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