Homemade Flavored Water Recipes to Beat Dehydration

Homemade Flavored Water Recipes to Beat Dehydration

Dehydration can make your body difficult to function, beginning with the brain to gut to the heart. It makes you sluggish, less energetic and affects your overall performance. Water not only keeps you hydrated but makes you stay healthy replenishing the lost fluids from sweat.

How much water do you need? According to nutritionists, drink water till you get enough, and not the old-school “eight glasses a day” rule. However to be precise, it’s about 11 cups for women and 15 cups for Men. But this water measure should also include 20 percent from food

If the plain water is too boring to drink, then it’s your duty to choose the drinks and fluids that are hydrating, plus low in calories and are free of artificial sweeteners. Nutrihealthline.com brings you such Home-Made flavoured Drinks which are hydrating and healthy to substitute water.

1. Strawberry-Cucumber Water

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Place 8 thinly sliced strawberries and half-cucumber thinly sliced pieces in a pitcher. Add 2 quarts of water. For sparkling water, you can add 1 quart of seltzer during prep and the other quart just before serving. Refrigerate the drink for 2-4 hours to let the ingredients get infused. Stir well and strain. Serve it by garnishing with fresh strawberries and cucumber slices for garnish. This Strawberry-Cucumber Water can be refrigerated for 2 days.

2. Watermelon- Lime Flavoured Water

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Watermelon flavoured water can make your body avail plenty of antioxidants and nutrient contents. Watermelons contain Amino acids which help you beat the pain and fatigue, while improving the blood flow and cardiovascular well-being. Lemons will curb the appetite and gets rid of the toxins promoting weight loss.

To two cups of Watermelon cubes in a pitcher, add 1 cut lime slices. Add a handful of mint leaves for a nice refreshing flavor. Fill the pitcher with water and allow it to stay overnight in the fridge so that the flavors steep and infuse the water. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and serve it with ice cubes

3. Tomato-Basil Water

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This Tomato-Basil flavored water gives a flavor of fresh salad to your liquid. Add 2 diced ripe tomatoes and 5 sprigs of lightly crushed basil to a pitcher. Add two quarters of water to the pitcher. And for sparkling water, add 1 quart of seltzer during prep and a second quart just before serving. Refrigerate the drink and allow the ingredients to infuse for three hours. Discard the solids by straining them out. Garnish with basil sprigs and add plenty of ice when serving.

4. Strawberry Kiwi Flavored Water

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Kiwi, lemons, grapefruit, pineapple, Strawberries are loaded with enzymes and antioxidants, and they make you hydrated and lush out toxins from the colon improving the overall health, besides preventing us from Cancer and other diseases. To a pitcher, add peeled Kiwi slices; Toss 4 sliced strawberries and handful of mint leaves into the pitcher. Fill it up with water and let the drink sit overnight in the fridge so that the flavours steep. Drink a glass of this water the next morning.

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