Home Remedies to Improve Memory

Home Remedies to Improve Memory

Have you ever experienced problems like forgetting keys in car,remembering birthdays of near ones all these are associated with memory and area sign of weak memory.To over come these memory problems try these super remedies to improve memory.

Memory starts to diminish with age and is a quite common problem.Other factors like sleep deprivation,nutritional deficiencies especially vitamin B,depression,stress,altered thyroid function,drinking alcohol,smoking and use of certain medications can be the reason to have memory problems.

Medical conditions like Dementia,Alzheimer’s disease can also cause memory problems in such cases doctor consultation for proper diagnosis and treatment is best.

Remedies to Improve memory

Try these super foods to improve memory at home naturally.


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Almonds are a rich source of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids that helps in boost memory and improve brain power.Soak3-4 almonds at night , peel the skin and grind to a fine paste.Mix this paste in a glass of milk and boil it.Add sugar or honey for taste.Drink this for 30-40 days to improve memory.This is one of the best ayurvedic home remedy for memory loss.


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Rosemary is another ayurvedic remedy to help improve memory.It is one of the natural herb for memory improvement.Researchers have found that this herb aroma helps in improving prospective memory as it contains carnosic acid that shields brain.Drinking rosemary drink or breathing in its aroma can boost memory.


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Fish rich are omega 3 fatty acids like oily fish(Salmon,mackerel)are good for brain and heart.These omega 3s helps in improving memory and brain function.

4.Black seed

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Black seed also known as kalonji is a super food for brain as it has anti oxidant ,anti inflammatory and neuron protecting properties.It boosts the memory and sharpens the mind.Take a spoon of ground black seeds and mix little honey and consume it twice daily for few weeks .

5.Indian goose berry

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Indian goose berry also known as amla is natural fruit rich in vitamin C.Its antioxidant property helps in boosting immune system.It enhances the memory power and strengthens nervous system.Eating the fruit directly or taking ayurvedic preparation amla churna one to two teaspoons helps in improving memory and memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease.Alternatively the amla root powder can be blended with white sesame seeds and consumed with little honey.This one of the home remedies for memory loss.


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Bramhi is one of the natural herb for memory with abundant benefits for mental health.It acts as a brain tonic by its neuro protective ,anti oxidant properties Consuming one to two teaspoons of bramhi juice extracted from leaves with little honey twice daily helps in memory improvement.It is one of the amazing natural herbs for memory improvement.

7.Coconut oil

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Coconut oil is a boon to ones health with its amazing health benefits.It helps in improving memory and cognitive function.It also works wonders on skin and hair.It fights against dementia and Alzheimer’s.Consume one teaspoon of naturally cool pressed virgin coconut oil twice a day or can be included in cooking food and salads.It is a wonder natural home remedies for memory loss.

Other naturally available foods that helps in boosting memory power are mixture of cinnamon and honey.This mixture relieves nervous tension and improves memory.Cumin powder and honey when taken together helps improve brain function.Including brain booster foods like avocados,walnuts,grapes,papaya,orange juice,veggies like broccoli,soy beans,dark leafy vegetable,cabbage,lady’s finger,kidney beans,sweet potato in regular diet helps in maximizing brain potential.These are some of the natural remedies to improve memory and hope you all will give a try to have a sharper brain.

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