3 Natural Drinks to Help you Sleep Better

3 Natural Drinks to Help you Sleep Better

Struggling to get good night sleep? Our daily schedules and stress can severely interfere with our sleep at times and we struggle to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep every night. But here’s a way. No not just Beer, but there are other Natural Drinks to Help you Sleep Better.

Following are the 3 Natural Drinks to Help you Sleep Better and best Teas for sleep

1. Cherry Juice for Sleep

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Researchers have found that drinking cherry juice a glass in the morning and evening helps you get better sleep. Cherries are rich in melatonine, and these sleep hormones regulate our sleep-wake cycles and are beneficial to improve the quality of your sleep. Plus, this Cherry Juice Recipe is the easiest sleep tonics to prepare.

Directions to drink Cherry Juice

To a glass of tart cherry juice, add a drop or 2 of vanilla extract. Vanilla has soothing scent and adding a drop or two provides aromatherapy benefits that will calm your nerves and help you doze off. Drink this everyday in the morning and 1 hour to half an hour before bed.

2. A cup of Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile Tea or Chamomile drinks have been one of the reliable age-old remedies for helping people sleep better. Chamomile contains apigenin, a substance that can bind to GABA receptors which affect the central nervous system and sleepiness. Other constituents in the chamomile tea have the sedative and calming effects which can relieve you from stress and depression. You can Sip Chamomile Tea, considered to be a best tea for sleep.

Directions for Chamomile Tea

A cup of freshly brewed chamomile is quite delightful before you hit the bed. Pour the Chamomile flowers in a tea pot. In a separate tea pot, bring 2 cups of cold water to a rolling boil. Now pour the boiled water to the tea pot with chamomile flowers. Let it steep for 5-6 minutes and serve that hot by adding a little bit of honey and lime juice.

3. Nutmeg Milk

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Warm milk with a bit of honey and sprinkling of nutmeg is the best drink to help you sleep. People over the centuries use warm milk with honey as remedy for sleep, as it can raise your internal body temperature when it’s heated and helps you relax and sleepy. Honey creates a spike in insulin which drives L-tryptophan to convert into serotonin, which in darkness is converted in to melatonin that helps regulates our sleep-wake cycles.

Directions for Nutmeg Milk

To a warm glass of milk, add a spoon of honey and sprinkle not more than¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg. Stir it and drink this warm Nutmeg milk daily 30 minutes before bed. It is one of the efficacious remedies to drink to help you sleep.

Try these three natural drinks to help you sleep like a baby, and catch up on your much needed Zzzzz’s!

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