Impressive Benefits Of Mint

Impressive Benefits Of Mint

Mint is a wonderful herb with plethora of benefits to health.Apart from using it as a seasoning in salads,preparing mint tea,making chutney it has got numerous health benefits.It is a natural mouth fresher ,aids digestion,stops farting,treats acne and irritated skin,prevents cancer,relieves nausea,depression and increases memory.It has rich antioxidants ,anti puritic and anti septic.It is widely used as a base element in tooth paste,mouth freshers,inhalers and candies because of its cooling and refreshing property.It is a natural coolant and freshener.Find out the various benefits of mint leaves and make use of mint benefits on health.

Mint Benefits on Health

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Mint is a natural herb that promotes digestion and increases appetite.It soothes the stomach muscles and prevents cramps due to indigestion.The menthol in mint activates the enzymes for digestion and there by reduces gas and gas pains.It is also used to treat irritable bowel syndrome.Mint can be taken in any form as mint tea,mint juice or mint oil to enjoy mint benefits.

Head ache and nausea

As mint leaves are best known for their strong refreshing aroma. They help prevent nausea.Crush few mint leaves and inhale their aroma to prevent nausea.Mint oil when applied on fore head and nose relieves head aches by alleviating inflammation and temperature.

Clears acne and blemishes

Mint is a natural astringent due to its rich antioxidant and antipruritic properties.It is a natural cleanser and toner.It helps heal acne and makes the skin radiant and blemish free.It de clogs the pores and and hydrates the skin giving it a natural glow.Use mint juice or mint oil or make a DIY mint face pack at home to get a clearer skin.It also helps remove dark circles and wrinkles through improved blood circulation and collagen production.

Oral care

Mint leaves or mint oil are an excellent oral care home remedy.It helps prevent tooth decay and prevents mouth bad odour.Chew in fresh mint leaves to get a refreshing feel and prevent dental problems.


Mint helps in memory retention and improve cognition.It aids mental alertness.According to a study people who used mint often are found to be more active mentally than those not.So consume mint leaves or mint products to gain more memory.

Relieves cold and cough

Mint leaves contain menthol a natural decongestant.It helps break mucus and relieve congestion.Steam inhalation using mint oil helps clear air passages and help relaxed breathing.Its anti bacteria and anti inflammatory property helps reduce inflammation and infection in respiratory tract.

Reduce body heat

Mint leaves are best known for their cooling and re freshness.They make an excellent drink to beat the hot summer and reduce body heat.Like pudina juice or mint leaves juce is one of the best summer drink to keep body cool and refresh .Mint fights the heat with its natural coolant property.

Hair growth

Pepper mint oil when used in conjunction with castor oil promotes hair growth by rejuvenating hair follicles and scalp.Peppermint oil for hair is now widely used as it is hypo allergenic and boosts hair growth .

Prevents cancer

Mint is believed to prevent various types of cancer like colon,lung skin as it is rich in antioxidants and and variety of enzymes it contains.

Anti depressant

Mint helps relieve stress and depression by activating serotonin in brain .Inhaling in mint or using it in bath helps free body from stress and fatigue.It is widely used in aromatherapy.

Nutritional value of mint

Two table spoons of fresh peppermint provides 2 calories,0.12 grams of protein.0.48 grams of carbohydrates0.03 grams of fat and 0.30 grams of fibre.It also contains essential nutrients like potassium,magnesium,phosphorus,calcium,vitamin A,C and iron in small amounts. As you now are aware of amazing mint benefits on health include them in your daily diet in any form to lead a healthier life


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