6 Sunburn Home Remedies that works!

6 Sunburn Home Remedies that works!

Sunburn is usually caused due to high exposure to sunlight and UV rays. Sun exposure will cause redness, and intense exposure will form blisters on the skin and increase further skin problems and sometimes even skin cancer or melanoma. Here are 6 Sunburn Home Remedies that works and Symptoms of Sunburn

  • Skin Redness and Itchiness
  • Swelling in the area
  • Blisters
  • Headache and Nausea
  • Fatigue and Dizziness
  • Severe pain and inflammation

In severe cases, Skin peels off forming blisters, yellowish solution may leak, severe pain, fever, dry mouth, thirst an Fatigue can be other Sunburn symptoms.

Sunburn Home Remedies

Apply Sunscreen Lotion

Before finding out the best treatment for sunburn, remember that prevention is better than cure. It is important to apply sun screen lotion before going out of home or when getting exposed to ultraviolet rays. There are loads of sunscreen lotions available in the markets and use a sunscreen of Spf 50.

Heading to the remedies for sunburn, there are already numerous creams, ointments and sprays available in the market that will provide instant relief from the sun burns. They are loaded with menthol, camphor or cooling agents that relaxes and cools the area, besides reducing redness, itchiness and pain to some extent.

Wanted to tryout home remedies for sunburn? Here are the Natural ingredients solutions for sunburn that heals sunburn quickly.

1. Bath with Baking Soda or Oatmeal

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Baking soda soothes the fragile sunburned skin, and reduces burns, redness, itchiness and the pain caused by it. Mix Baking Soda to bath water. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes and take a bath. When you step off the shower, let it air dry and do not use a towel. Alternatively, you can also mix baking soda to your body lotion and apply it after the bath.

Another effective sunburn treatment is to add Oatmeal to bath water. It provides wonderful relief for sunburned skin. Instead of bath salts, oils, or bubble bath, add 1/2 to 1 cup oatmeal and mix it in bath water.

2. Treat Sunburn with Aloe Vera

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One of the efficacious Sunburn Home Remedies is using the thick, gel-like juice of the aloe vera plant subsides pain and redness around the area. It helps blood vessels to constrict and soothes and speeds healing process. Extract Aloe Vera gel and apply directly to the burn. Do it four-five times a day.

3. A cool compress works

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Dip wash cloth in cool water and place it directly to the burned areas. Remember not to apply ice or an ice pack to sunburned skin. Rewet the cloth often and place it on blisters for several minutes until it relieves of discomfort. You can also add oatmeal to the compress water or a cool milk compress is simplest yet best treatment for sunburn.

4. Drink plenty of water

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Sunburn dehydrates you. Ensure you replenish liquids by drinking plenty of water to recover from sunburn faster. Keep a glass or bottle of ice cold water on hand to make sure to drink all the time. You can also drink coconut water or lemonade to heal your damaged health.

5. Potatoes act as Sunburn pain reliever

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Potatoes are time-tested technique in healing blisters. Cut the washed potatoes into chunks and add them to blender. Blend the potatoes into liquid form by adding the needed water. Apply the pulverized potatoes to burned areas. Wait till it gets dried and take a cool shower. Continue applying it for several times a day, and soon the pain gets reduced.

6. Black Tea

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Lastly, Black Tea offers to restore the skin’s pH balance with its loaded antioxidants. The Tannins in Black Tea helps protect the skin from UV radiation damage and reduce inflammation, besides treating irritated and sunburned skin.

In a pot of hot water, brew two or three teabags and allow it to steep for 10 minutes. Remove the teabags and let the solution cool to room temperature. Now dip a cotton in the solution and apply it on the sunburned skin. Do this few times a day as a part of sunburn treatment.

These Sunburn Home Remedies helps alleviate Sunburn Symptoms and soothe your stinging skin and reduce inflammation, retaining the moisture in skin.

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