Top 10 Vitamin K Rich Foods List

Top 10 Vitamin K Rich Foods List

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin which plays a key role in protein modification and blood clotting while the two types of vitamin K- Vitamin K1 found in vegetables where vitamin K2 called menaquinone is found in dairy products produced by the bacteria in your gut. Get to know Top 10 Vitamin K Rich Foods List, Vitamin K deficiency symptoms and Health Benefits of Vitamin K.

Vitamin K Deficiency Symptoms

  •  Easy bruising or heavy menstrual bleeding, gum bleeding, nose bleeding
  •  Brain bleeding in newborns
  •  Weakened bones
  •  Cartilage calcification.
  •  Tooth decay
  •  Uncontrollable bleeding at surgical or puncture sites

Try consuming 2-3 of these Top 10 VitaminK Rich Foods daily and avoid the deficiency symptoms. The RDA of Vitamin K is 120 mcg/day for men and 90mcg/day for women, while the Daily Value (DV) is 80 mcg.

Foods Vitamin K in 100g
Dried Basil 1714.5μg (2143% DV)
Kale 817μg (1021% DV)
Spring Onions/Scallions 207μg (259% DV)
Brussels Sprouts 140.3μg (175% DV)
Chili Powder 105.7μg (132% DV)
Pickles (Cucumber) 76.7μg (96% DV)
Soybeans 70.6μg (88% DV)
Olive Oil 60.2μg (75% DV)
Prunes 59.5μg (74% DV
Asparagus 50.6μg (63% DV)

Health Benefits of Vitamin K

Wound Healing

Vitamin K is vital for healthy bones and normal blood clotting, as well as wound healing. Research studies at Harvard School of Public Health have found that Vitamin K helps produce four of the 13 proteins required for blood clotting.

Heart Health

Researchers have found that Vitamin K prevents calcification of arteries, which in turn reduces risks of strokes. It helps carry calcium out of the arteries and not allowing it to form plaques.

Healthy Bones

Vitamin K plays a role in bone health, and it can treat certain bone problems. A research study conducted by University of Wisconsin-Green Bay found that K Vitamin shows a positive effect on bone mineral density and reduced fracture risk. Vitamin K deficiency can cause low bone mass density in people with osteoporosis and an increase in hip fractures.

Cancer Prevention

Vitamin K has been found to be lowering risks of prostate, colon, stomach, nasal, and oral cancers. High doses of Vitamin K or foods rich in vitamin k have found to have patients with liver cancer stabilize and even improve liver function.

Learnt about the Important Facts about Vitamin K? Add these 10 Vitamin K Rich Foods List to your diet to protect you from a variety of other health problems.

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