Top 10 Vitamin A Rich Foods List

Top 10 Vitamin A Rich Foods List

Vitamins help our body to function in the optimum manner and promote better health. Vitamin A intake reshapes the gut and colon microbiota and aids in fighting against allergies, build immunity, central nervous system development, improve vision, and prevent ageing. Here are Top 10 Vitamin A Rich Foods List to include in diet, deficiency symptoms and Vitamin A Benefits.

Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

  •  Night blindness
  •  Thinning and ulceration of the cornea on the surface of the eyes
  •  Dry Eyes
  •  Viral infection
  •  Corneal inflammation
  •  Scaly skin
  •  Brittle hair and nails
  •  Poor growth
  •  Poor immunity.

Following is the list of Vitamin A Rich Foods List. The RDA for vitamin A is 900mcg/day for men and 700mcg/day for women while the current daily value is 5000 IU.

  Foods                   Vitamin A in 100g
Sweet Potato 19218IU (384% DV)
Carrots 17033IU (341% DV)
Kale 13621IU (272% DV)
Squash 11155IU (223% DV)
Romaine Lettuce 8710IU (174% DV)
Dried Apricots 12669IU (253% DV)
Mango 1082IU (22% DV)
Tuna Fish 2520IU (50% DV)
Sweet Red Peppers 3131IU (63% DV)
Cantaloupe Melon 3382IU (68% DV)

Vitamin A Benefits

1. Improves Eye Sight-Foods rich in Vitamin A such as dried apricots, carrots help in synthesizing red blood cells and improving the night vision. Foods that are rich source of beta carotene are converted to Vitamin A in the body and these are not only essential for healthy eyes, but boosts immune system. Vitamin A rich foods prevent macular degeneration, the lead cause of age-related blindness.

2. Immune Support- Vitamin A boosts not only immune system but also slows down aging process, thanks to its anti oxidant properties. There are many Vitamin A Benefits For Skin as it helps to rebuild bones, skin, soft tissues, teeth and mucous membranes.

3. Vitamin A supports skin health as well as plays an important role in healthy bone growth.

Learnt about Vitamin A deficiency symptoms and Vitamin A Benefits? Add Vitamin A rich Foods to diet to get benefitted from building immunity, cell growth and development, and improving skin health.

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