Rose Apple Health Benefits and Nutrition Value

Rose Apple Health Benefits and Nutrition Value

Wonder why they are called rose apples when they are not related to the families of either roses or apples. Nevertheless they offer amazing health benefits and have several reasons to include them in diet. Here’s Rose Apple Health Benefits and Nutrition Value

Nutrition Value of Rose Apple

100 gms of Rose Apple is loaded with good amounts calcium (29 mg), potassium (123 mg), sulphur (13 mg).
It is also packed with rich sources of proteins and fiber, and contains calcium (29 mg), potassium (123 mg), sulphur (13 mg). Rose Apples contains very low amount of fat and is free of cholesterol.

Rose Apple Health Benefits

1. Detoxifies your Body

Rose Apples contain mild diuretic properties and helps eliminate the poisonous substances and toxins from the body. Eating Rose Apple in diet regularly helps in filtering out the toxins in the blood at a much faster rate, thus able to sweep out impurities in the GI tract.

2. Regular Bowel Movement

Adding rose apples to regular diet helps prevent constipation. Health experts inform that diet rich in high-fiber foods also aid in preventing piles and promote digestive health.

3. Diabetes Control

According to research reports, rose apples contain jambosine, a crystal-like alkaloid can regulate the conversion of starch into sugar. Consuming rose apples especially after meals helps reduce ward off spikes of sugar levels in the blood.

4. Heart Health

Good fiber content not only benefits your digestive health, but helps flush out some of the bad cholesterol in the foods and promotes good cholesterol thus promoting cardiovascular health. Rose apple health benefits include lowered risk of heart diseases.

5. Prevents High Blood pressure

Rose Apples benefits include supply your body with potassium that helps prevent high blood pressure, and it relaxes the blood vessels, enabling blood to pass more efficiently. It also plays key role in normal functioning of your muscles.

6. Inhibits Infections and Diseases

Rose apples are packed with vitamin C that strengthens immune system. It is perfect for the health concerns that occur due to heat, thus preventing the Infections and Diseases.

7. Young-Looking Skin

Including vitamin C-rich rose apples in diet helps promote younger-looking skin and it is essential for the synthesis of collagen that keeps your skin wrinkle-free and young. Rose Apple is cheaper and effective way for Young-Looking Skin.
Rose apple is rich in nutrients and high on benefits. Now that you know Rose Apple Health Benefits and Nutrition Value, include them in your daily diet.

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