5 Foods That Help Reduce Stretch Marks

5 Foods That Help Reduce Stretch Marks

Shelling out big bucks for laser treatments and investing in expensive creams to get rid of stretch marks? Instead try out these 5 Foods that not only help reduce, diminish and prevent these pesky and unsightly lines, but also aid in other health benefits. Remove Stretch marks by adding these five foods to your shopping list.

1. Fish Oil

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Fish oil is one of the rich sources of Vitamin D that plays a good role in skin nourishment and regulation and helps stop the epidermal atrophy that occurs from overstretching skin. Plus the omega-3 fatty acid content aids in balancing the body’s omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. Alternatively, you can consume fatty fish a couple of times a week.

2. Dark chocolates

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Dark chocolates are not only tasty but they offer amazing health benefits as well, provided you eat them in moderation. Eating dark chocolates aid in stretch marks removal, thanks to rich source of Zinc that aids in strengthening the connective tissues that holds the skin together. Chocolates with cocoa also aid in reducing skin elasticity and puffiness, besides making your skin firmer. Dark chocolates are also full of antioxidants and flavonoids. Isn’t it the added bonus?

3. Tea

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Tea melts away fat, but do you know that it has the potential to remove stretch marks as well? “Tea is hydrating, so it plumps up cells to help skin look fuller, more supple and less withered,” say nutritionists. Green Tea is packed with powerful antioxidants that help fight damaged skin cells from stretched skin. Green Tea slows the ageing process and the extract in white tea fights wrinkles and keeps skin looking young.

4. Berries

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Berries including Blueberries, strawberries and Gojiberries are full of vitamins and other nutrients with antioxidant properties that help in the production of collagen to keep the skin firm and smooth. Berries are rich sources of Vitamin C that helps in keeping the stretch marks away from the skin. Strawberries also contains Ellagic acid that prevents skin sagging. Add the berries to your oatmeal if you’re worries on how to get rid of stretch marks.

5. Almonds

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How to remove stretch marks? Try the Nutritious almonds. These delicious nuts contain high levels of minerals that are good for your body, skin and hair. The Vitamin E in Almonds aids in skin nourishment and the antioxidant properties helps get rid of wrinkles and keeps your skin firm with stretch marks removal. The high levels of proteins in Almonds keep you fit and healthier.

Besides adding these 5 foods to get rid of stretch marks, you can also include Oatmeal, Oyster, Oily Fish, Carrots and Potatoes to your diet to remove stretch marks.

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