5 Energy Boosting Foods

5 Energy Boosting Foods

The faster the metabolic rate, the more energetic you are. You require your Natural energy boosters to stay alert and keep your body healthy by dealing with high cholesterol, obesity, muscle weakness, swollen joints, fatigue, heavy menstrual discharge, depression and more. Here are 5 Foods that give you energy and boost your overall health.

5 Natural Energy Foods List

1. Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is great because it has healthy medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), that your body sends directly to your liver to use as energy. Coconut oil also can drop your belly fat, improves insulin sensitivity and lowers your cholesterol levels as well. It’s an instant energy to your body and boosts metabolism. Major portion of fat content in Coconut oil contributes to lauric acid which gets converted to monolaurin, and has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa properties. Add smoothie, Porridge or your regular dishes.

2. Chia Seeds

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Super-seeds like Chia seeds are loaded plant based source of protein and nutrients that are excellent for giving the body energy and keeping you stable all day. They are high in fiber, proteins, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids which have the potential to preserve your strength.

3. Legumes

Foods that give you energy Legumes or Pulses are rich sources of fiber, protein, calcium, iron, B-vitamins and zinc and other essential vitamins and minerals. They are natural energy boosters and can increase your energy levels naturally. Include black beans, buckwheat, chickpeas, mung beans and red lentils in your diet as these nutrients have health boosting properties and help increase your energy levels.

4. Green Leafy Vegetables

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Green Leafy Vegetables are full of chlorophyll and magnesium, which help in not only managing hunger and food cravings, but also keeps blood sugar levels stable. Including Kale, Spinach, Collard Greens, etc in diet helps in rebuilding and replenishing red blood cells, boost energy in the process. They also provide your body with essential folates and dietary fiber, plus a variety of antioxidants.

5. Dry Fruits

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Dry fruits are a storehouse of energy, plus there are great sources of protein. High in calories and packed with fatty acids, nuts and seeds are natural energy foods that have a high thermic effect on your body, which will have to burn more fats to digest these. Include almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, pistachios and sunflower seeds, flax seeds to lift your metabolism.

Next time you head to grocery stores, shop these Natural Energy Boosters that transform your body into a fatigue-fighting machine and include these Foods that give you energy in your daily diet.

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