Top 15 High Protein Foods List

Top 15 High Protein Foods List

Diet experts often recommend adding High Protein Foods or foods rich in Protein to your diet, as it’s the essential nutrient used in every cell of our bodies and is responsible for structure of the cells, organs, and muscles. But what kind of food is a protein? To make it simpler and easier for you, we at list Top 15 High Protein Foods List and Health Benefits of Proteins. Read on…

Protein Deficiency Symptoms

  •  Sluggish Metabolism
  •  Pale Skin and Nail Ridges
  •  Hair Loss and Thinning
  •  Fatigue and Weakness
  •  Slow recovery from injuries
  •  Muscle and Joints Pain
  •  Brain fog
  •  Sleep Issues
  •  Edema
  •  Weight Loss and Trouble building muscle mass.

Take a look at the Top 15 Protein packed foods to incorporate in diet to stay healthier. While protein needs can vary based on age, weight, medical condition, physical activity, the RDA for an average person of weight is 56g/day for men and 46 g/day for women and the Daily Value is 50g.

 Foods Protein Power
3 oz Organic Chicken 19 g (38% DV)
3oz Wild Fish   20 g (40% DV)
1 oz Almonds 6g (12% DV)
6 oz Yogurt 8g (16%DV)
1 oz Raw Cheese 7g (14% DV)
1 Cup Natto 17g (34% DV)
1 Cup Lentils 18g (36% DV)
1 Cup Raw Milk 8g (16% DV)
1 Large Egg 7g (14% DV)
Pork Chop 27g (54% DV)
Lamb Loin 25g (50% DV)
1 cup Black Beans 22g (44% DV)
1cup Tofu 8g (16% DV)
Pumpkin Seeds 19g (38% DV)
Ground Beef 26g (52% DV)

Health Benefits of Proteins

1. Including foods rich in Protein to diet build and maintain healthy muscle mass and improves muscle recovery.

2. High Protein diets are ideal for weight management or losing weight faster.

3. Protein rich foods help stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent Type2 Diabetes.

4. Certain amino acids from protein foods balance the hormones and lowers weakness, anxiety or signs of depression.

5. Diet high in protein is essential for maintaining stronger bones, prevent bone weakness, fractures and Osteoporosis.

6. Studies have shown that foods rich in Proteins lower blood pressure levels and promote heart health.

7. A diet high in balanced amino acids from protein foods helps body synthesize Glutathione and reduce Carcinogens that age us, thus delaying ageing and promoting Longevity.

8. High Protein Foods provides steady energy levels also improving wound healing.

Ensure you eat these High Protein Foods even with carbohydrates at every meal to stay energized and overcome Protein deficiency symptoms.

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