Top 10 Foods rich in Zinc and Health benefits

Top 10 Foods rich in Zinc and Health benefits

Zinc (Zn) is an essential trace element which is responsible for over 100 enzymatic reactions in the body, and helps with the formation of hemoglobin. It protects against oxidative damage and other consequences including stunted growth, acute diarrhea and slow wound healing. Here’s the list of Top 10 foods rich in Zinc, deficiency symptoms and Health Benefits of Zinc.

Deficiency in Zinc- Symptoms

  •  Leaky gut, Leaky gut
  •  Frequent colds
  •  Poor vision
  •  Impotence
  •  Heavy hair Loss
  •  Stunted growth in children or Other growth and development problems
  •  Delayed wound healing

Following is the Top 10 Zinc Rich Foods List. The RDA for zinc is 11 mg/day for men and 8 mg/day for women. The Daily Value is 15 mg. Diet experts recommend consuming 2-3 servings of these zinc food sources daily to reach the adequate levels

Foods Zinc in 100g
Oysters 78.6 mg (524% DV)
Beef and Lamb        12.3 mg (82% DV)
Wheat Germ 16.7 mg (111% DV)
Spinach 0.8 mg (5% DV)
Pumpkin seeds 10.3 mg (69% DV)
Cashew Nuts 5.6 mg (37% DV)
Cocoa powder 6.8 mg (45% DV)
Pork 5.0 mg (33% DV)
Chickpeas 1.5 mg (10% DV)
Mushrooms 0.9 mg (6% DV)

Health Benefits of Zinc

1. Boosts immunity and fights cold-related symptoms

2. Zinc has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and reduces the risks of certain types of cancer.

3. Zinc is beneficial for hormonal health and promotes reproductive health, in the production of estrogen and progesterone in women.

4. Zinc regulates blood sugar and acts as diabetes natural cure.

5. It helps lower inflammation and oxidative stress, and promotes heart health lowering the high BP and cholesterol levels.

6. Digestive problems and diarrheal diseases are linked to Zinc deficiency, and adequate zinc levels are shown to be effective in both prophylaxis and as an acute diarrhea cure.

7. Zinc plays a role in regulating how neurons communicate with one another, and thus promotes Brain health and prevent Alzheimer’s.

8. People with low levels of zinc need supplements to promote healing for any type of burns, cuts, or injuries.

These Health Benefits of Zinc proves how this trace element (Zn) can have a positive impact on your health. Don’t forget to include these Top 10 Foods rich in Zinc in your diet routine.

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