Top 10 Best Foods For Good Digestion

Top 10 Best Foods For Good Digestion

Digestion is a complex process where in the food we take is converted into nutrients and is absorbed by the body to provide energy for vital process.The left over after digestion is eliminated in the form of waste.In this process of digestion the food we consume determines how well the process of digestion is taking place.So it is must to check what we eat to avoid indigestion and other digestive problems.Have these foods to help digestion and keep your tummy happy.

Stress,poor dietary habits,certain medications can lead to stomach upset and digestive problems.Try these amazing foods to help digestion.

Amazing foods to help digestion


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Ginger is an effective food to help digestion by preventing colic pain and constipation.It has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties acts as a stimulant and hence used in various GI tract problems.Drinking ginger tea regularly or taking 1tsp of ginger juice with honey will improve digestion.

2.Pepper mint

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This another wonderful herb that aid in digestion.with its antiseptic and cooling properties it can calm an upset stomach.This one of the best foods for digestion.Pepper mint can be taken with salads or sprinkled over dishes.Drinking pepper mint water helps in detoxification and purification.


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Yogurt is one of the foods good for digestion.It is a Probiotic food and plays an important role in the process of digestion there by reducing problems of indigestion.Go for a natural yogurt or unsweetened on.

4.Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes when eaten with their skins promotes good digestion as they are rich in dietary fibre.They are starchy foods which are easy to digest and contain essential nutrients that aid digestion.It is the best digestive food and can be used to treat peptic,duodenal ulcers and other inflammatory bowel conditions.


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Oats are rich source of soluble fibre that promote digestion.It is one of the best foods for digestion as it contains many essential minerals like Selinium, Zinc, Thiamin, Phosphorus, Copper Vitamin E which are needed for body.This fibre rich food helps clear constipation and helps maintain bowel regularity.


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Avocados are best digestive foods and can be fed to toddlers as well.This fruit is loaded with mono saturated fats and fibre which are easy to digest.Avocados help in maintaining healthy GI tract and also helps in weight loss.

7.Cod liver oil

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Cod liver oil is one of the foods to improve digestion.It is loaded with vitamins A and E essential fatty acids omega 3s that help in fighting inflammation and boost immune system .Consuming a small amount of this oil on a daily basis shows amazing results in digestive health.It can be used in conditions like inflammatory bowel disease to reduce the symptoms and restore healthy GI tract.


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Apples are a good source of soluble and insoluble fibre.These fruits form an excellent food to improve digestion.Apples help in reducing constipation problems and improve digestive health.”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”is all true as it helps promote health by healthy digestive tract.


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Bananas are excellent source of food to maintain bowel regularity.Bananas are given to those suffering from diarrhoea as it helps in maintaining Potassium and electrolyte balance that is lost in diarrhoea.It is best foods for digestion .Eat a banana a day to experience its benefits on health.

10.Beet root

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Beet root has an amazing effects on digestive health.They are rich in Betaine which increases stomach acidity to control bacteria and yeast in the digestive tract ,prevent food intolerances and reduce bloating.Beet root is also rich in potassium and magnesium that help in healthy GI tract .Beetroot can be taken raw or in juice form to have a healthy digestive system.

Including some of these amazing foods to help digestion in your daily diet will help in maintaining a healthy GI tract.Follow healthy eating habits too to avoid digestive problems.

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