Are Allergies troubling you? Eat High Fiber, Vitamin A foods

Are Allergies troubling you? Eat High Fiber, Vitamin A foods

Eating fiber rich and Vitamin A foods regularly can strengthen your immune system and keep allergies at bay, a new study has claimed.

Researchers from Monash University in Australia claimed that the immune system works with the good bacteria in the gut as it protects to fight against the allergies. They opined that it may be the lack of fibre content in our diet that is rooting to deadly allergies.

The fiber rich foods such as a bowl of bran and some dried apricots, and Vitamin A foods reshape the gut and colon microbiota and aids in fighting against allergies, said the study led by Jian Tan, professor at the Monash University.

Mice allergic to peanuts were protected against the allergies, when fed with the high fiber diet. The transfer of these ‘good bacteria’ to mice helps in reducing the symptoms of food allergies.

The microbiota in the gut will aid the immune system in fighting against the allergies and breaking the fibre to the short-chain fatty acids, which will strengthen the particular subset of the immune system called dendritic cells, to control the allergic response against the food allergens. The enhanced levels of short-chain fatty acids switched these cells to halt the allergies.

Lack of Vitamin A deficiency will prop up the food allergies, especially in infants and children, said the researchers. The study opens further possible chances of drug therapy for allergies by delivering short-chain fatty acids as a treatment.

The findings were published in the journal Cell Reports.

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