10 High Sodium Foods

10 High Sodium Foods

Get the sodium, the essential nutrient for the body to maintain the blood pressure and for providing channels of nerve signaling. Rather than deficiency in sodium, over-consumption of sodium is more common which can cause high blood pressure which in turn leads to an increased risk of heart attack and strokes.

Below is a list of high sodium foods. The RDA for sodium is 1,500 milligrams per day, and the Daily Value is 2,400 mg. Excess sodium intake leads to high blood pressure, weight gain, swollen joints and cellulite buildup. Beware.

 Foods Sodium 100g
Table Salt 38758mg (1615% DV)
Soy Sauce 6820mg (284% DV)
Bacon 2193mg (91% DV)
Cheese 1809mg (75% DV)
Cucumber Pickles 1208mg (50% DV)
Instant Soups 8408mg (350% DV)
Roasted salted Nuts 2541mg (106% DV)
Pretzels 1715mg (71% DV)
Egg & Ham Biscuit 1093mg (46% DV)
Sweet Peppers 1369mg (57% DV)

Side Effects or Causes of High Sodium Intake

High Blood Pressure

Too much sodium makes your body start holding onto excess water, which leads to high blood volume that puts pressure on the veins and arteries. This increases the risks of strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

Bone Loss

People who stick to high sodium diets tend to frequent urination, which causes calcium loss. The calcium depletion may lead to reduced bone mass, further brittle and weak bones, the reason for Osteoporosis.

Kidney Disease

If excess sodium leads to High blood pressure, it can lead to damage of the small, delicate blood vessels in the kidneys, causing increased risks of kidney damage. Doctors recommend strict low sodium diet to those with kidney diseases.

Health Benefits of Sea Salt

Enhanced Endurance

Athletes can have hyponatremia (low sodium levels) if they don’t replace the lost sodium. Athletes especially tend to lose electrolytes, with sodium being the most critical. They need to replace water with electrolyte replacement fluids on events lasting for longer than an hour

Fluid Regulation

Sea Salt is loaded with healing properties and the adequate intake will help us maintain fluid balance inside and outside the cells. Include sources of sodium that come from vegetables and sea salt.

Sea Salt for Skin

Sea Salt has the potential to improve blood circulation, hydrate tissues, open up pores, and make skin supple and soft lowering the risks of fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite.

Hope you found our article on High Sodium Foods, Health Benefits of Sea Salt and Side Effects or Causes of High Sodium Intake useful. Share your thoughts below.

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