Exercise Tips for Women Over 50

Exercise Tips for Women Over 50

Growing old is inevitable but keeping fit and active at 50 is choice.Exercise helps one look much younger to their age.And choosing the right exercise helps one stay fit,younger and healthy.Especially in women physical activity reduces the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes,joint pain and sleep problems.Exercise also decreases the risk of heart and bone problems.Here we bring the best exercise tips for females to stay fit as they age.

Successful ageing depends on how active you are.If you are not active previously before starting any exercising regime consult your doctor for any risk factors for cardiac and bone problems.

Follow these tips to exercise for old females

Aerobic exercise

Aerobics is a good start for older females.This includes walking,jogging,swimming,dancing.It helps them build to work on large muscles and control their weight.It also conditions the cardiovascular system.Doing aerobics 20-30 minutes per session 3-4 days a week helps to stay fit and active.Having a conversation while doing aerobics is a best way to enjoy the benefits of this exercise.


Stretching is one form of exercise that maintains flexibility and improve joint range of motion.If we are not active the muscles become tight and the range of motion in joints is decreased .Stretching helps improve joint motion and flexibility by reducing muscle soreness and injury.Yoga and Pilates are best form of stretching exercise to increase stability and core muscle strength.It is one of the best exercise for older adults to maintain stability and balance as they age.

Strength training

Strength training is one of the important aspect of an exercising regime.It helps to build muscle mass and increase bone density.Ageing causes decrease in lean muscle mass and loss of bone density leading to many ortho problems.To curb these in older age start as strength training as early as possible and continue.Start initially with hand weights that you can comfortable manage for 8 repetitions.Later gradually increase the repetitions to gain endurance.This helps to improve strength,posture,tone up the muscles and lower risk of injury.

Balance exercises

As one tends to age they are more prone to risk of falls.Hence exercises that help to improve or maintain balance are important to learn and do.Yoga and posture exercises helps in improving balance and correcting posture.

When exercising at 75 years every bit of movement counts,so avoid strenuous activity and go for a simple tasks like walking to keep active.Go for walking with comfortable shoes,join senior sports or fitness classes to keep self motivated ,relieve from stress and have fun doing exercises.Above all make exercise a part of your daily activity to keep moving fit and healthy.These exercise tips for females are for women who is 50 years plus or below to enjoy ageing and reverse the clock of ageing.

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