5 vitamins the body needs in winter

5 vitamins the body needs in winter

While winters are always pleasant to enjoy the climate with dark short and cold days, it however brings some health conditions to tackle. Regular intake of these Vitamins and Minerals will help you stave off illness and get through winters in a healthy way.

1. Vitamin C

Winters can often affect you with infections such as cold, cough, fever and flu. Vitamin C can boost your immunity due to its anti-oxidant properties and helps build the skin with its collagen boosting property. Vitamin C supplements promote body tissue growth, healthy blood vessels, strong bones and teeth and bring the glow to skin, besides curing the winter influenza. Citric fruits- oranges, sweet lime, lemon as well as dates and vegetables like Amaranth are rich sources of Vitamin C

2. Vitamin D

While Vitamin D is essential for your body all the time, falling temperatures and dull weather will make Vitamin D all the more essential in Winters. Health Experts advise people to step out in the sun for at least 20-30 minutes in winters in the mornings. Many experience severe joint pains during the season in winters, as bones get affected. Vitamin D intake however can be a great help in building blocks for a strong set of bones. Besides sunlight, get the Vitamin D from Fatty fish such as salmon, Tuna, fortified milk and cereals.

3. Iron

Deficiency in Iron can cause sluggishness and a weakened immune system in winters. It may lead to fatigue (due to lack of red blood cells), dizziness, and headaches. Iron supplements or Iron-rich foods can rev up your energy levels and promote healthy, fresh blood oxygen to other parts of body. Beef, lentils, spinach, white beans, and even dark chocolate are rich in Iron.

4. Vitamin A

If you’re iron deficient, there is possibility that your vitamin A stores are depleted as well. Vitamin A aids in retaining moisture in skin, preventing the acne and in getting the glow back in dull winter skin. It also keeps your bones strong. Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Spinach are rich sources of Vitamin A

5. Vitamin B Complex

The entire group of eight B vitamins (Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folic Acid and Biotin) are essential during the winters to rev up the energy. While Riboflavin helps cure angular cheilitis, Pyridoxine aids in skin rejuvenation and Thiamine cures scaly and flaky skin. The entire Vitamin B complex group are water-soluble. Leafy greens, beans, eggs, nuts and bananas are rich sources of vitamin B complex.

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