What causes Heart Disease among women? 5 Facts

What causes Heart Disease among women? 5 Facts

What causes Heart disease among women, and how much is the survival rate? The most frightening fact is that Heart disease and not cancer is the No. 1 killer of women across the world, which is approximately one woman death per every minute! So, women are at higher risk of heart disease than most of the men.

In the following section, we at Nutrihealthline.com bring you the facts about women are at heart disease risks. Awareness and early detection of heart diseases is important for the timely assessment and treatment.

1. Heart Diseases affect women higher than Men

Women are twice as likely as men to die suffering from the heart attack in the initial weeks. Also women are two to three times more likely to die after the heart bypass surgery compared to men. Women aged between 40-59 are up to 4 times more likely to die from heart bypass surgery compared to men of similar age.

While men’s plaque distributes in clumps, women’s are distributed evenly throughout artery walls, and this makes it slower in women to recognize the presence of heart attack symptoms, which are often misinterpreted as normal status.

2. Heart Diseases lead to more deaths than Breast Cancer

The latest statistical reports reveal that women are10 times more likely to die from heart diseases compared to the breast cancer. One in three women deaths in US were being reported due to the heart diseases, while one in 30 deaths resulted from breast cancer.

3. Not aged, young women too die from Heart Diseases

Women are at greater risk of heart strokes and cardiovascular diseases post-menopausal phases, but that doesn’t mean young women are free from heart diseases. Factors including obesity, high blood pressure, and smoking can increase the risks of heart diseases. Reportedly more women in their 30s and 40s are dying of sudden heart attacks.

4. Heart Diseases can be greatly reduced

Women may experience few warning signs and milder symptoms of heart attack, such as extreme weakness, persistent flu with no chest pain. Smoking, diabetes, obesity and abnormal blood lipids fail woman’s estrogen protection, and further increase the risk of developing heart diseases more compared to men. Obesity can increase risks of cardiovascular problems like hypertension, stroke and CAD leading to premature death.

Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI, quitting smoking, keeping blood sugar levels in control, cholesterol levels in check and exercising regularly can lower the heart disease risks.

5. Consider these Heart numbers

According to the American Heart Association,

  1. Blood pressure should be Less than 120/80 mm
  2. Total cholesterol should be Less than 200 mg/dL
  3. LDL — “Bad” cholesterol should be Less than 100 mg/dL
  4. HDL — “Good” cholesterol should be greater than 50 mg/dL
  5. Triglycerides should be Less than 150 mg/dL
  6. Glucose (HbA1c) should be Less than 7%
  7. Body mass index (BMI) should be Less than 25
  8. Waist circumference should be Less than 35 inches

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