Want to boost muscle strength and look young? Drink pomegranate juice

Want to boost muscle strength and look young? Drink pomegranate juice

Pomegranates offer incredible health benefits, and according to latest research study the fruit has the potential to boost muscle strength and help fight ageing making you look young and glowing.

The study findings have shown that drinking pomegranate juice releases Urolithin A — a molecule, when gets transformed by microbes in the gut allows the muscle cells to protect and delay the ageing process, besides enhancing and increasing your muscle mass.

The cells in our body increasingly struggle to recycle the mitochondria as we start aging, and they may not carry out their vital function, thus getting accumulated in the cell. As a result, it affects the health of many tissues, including muscles, which gradually weaken over the years and result in age-related health woes.

Researchers however noted that Urolithin A can restore the cell’s capability to reprocess the components of the defective mitochondria. Patrick Aebischer, President, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne — a research institute in Switzerland, “It’s the only known molecule that can relaunch the mitochondrial clean-up process, otherwise known as mitophagy.”
Aebischer further added, “It’s a completely natural substance, and its effect is powerful and measurable.”

The research team has tested their study on hypothesis on the nematode C.elegans roundworm that is referred as elderly after just 8 days. After being exposed to urolithin A, the team has found that the lifespan of worms were increased by more than 45 per cent compared with the other group of their study.

In other studies, mice of two years of age that were exposed to urolithin A were found to have increased their endurance by 42 per cent compared to the equally old mice in the other group. Pomegranates does contain the miracle molecule that helps you fight aging and make you look younger.

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