Vitamin Deficiency could be the reason for Migraines

Vitamin Deficiency could be the reason for Migraines

People who are suffering from Vitamin deficiency have increased chances of Migraines. The migraine patients usually suffer from symptoms such as severe headaches accompanied by throbbing pain, nausea, visual changes, sensitivity to light and sound.

Lack of sleep, light, hunger, smells, hormones, foods, drinks and stress trigger migraine headaches and according to a latest study conducted by researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the root cause of the Migraines is due to the deficiency in certain essential vitamins. The Migraine Awareness Group claims that migraines in women are double the percentage in Men-16 percent compared to 8 percent, respectively.

Researchers also found that a significant percentage of kids, teens and young adults who suffer from migraines are found to be deficient in Vitamin D, riboflavin and coenzyme Q10, and patients with chronic migraines were more likely to have coenzyme Q10 and riboflavin deficiencies when compared. Young Men are likely to have vitamin D deficiency, while Young Women are expected to have coenzyme Q10 deficiencies

Lack of Vitamin D problem is quite common and it has been referred as a Pandemic by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Besides the preventive migraine medications, they were made to receive vitamin supplementation, when the levels were low.

Lead author Suzanne Hagler said, “Further studies are needed to elucidate whether vitamin supplementation is effective in migraine patients in general and whether patients with mild deficiency are more likely to benefit from supplementation.”

“Migraine can happen due to low protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals. And because of the deficiency of above mentioned things a person’s enzyme activity reduces which causes migraine,” says Researchers.

They suggested that including healthy foods from food groups, as well as vitamin and nutrient supplements can prevent in treating migraines, besides the standard migraine medicines.

The findings have been published at the 58th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society in San Diego, in the US, recently.

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