Top 5 Health Mistakes women make apart from Diet, Exercise

Top 5 Health Mistakes women make apart from Diet, Exercise

Following strict diet and exercise? But you still may be making these health mistakes and some of the women do not realize how harmful these habits are to their health. Besides the diet and exercise, there may be other activities that have an influence on your health, be in short run or long run.

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1. Taking Tablets with Wrong Drinks

Taking the medications at the right time with or without food, following the instructions is important. Washing down your tablets with fruit juices or sugary drinks or alcohol can increase the potency of some medicines, leading to unpredictable side effects. Taking alcohol immediately after medication or with medication can and cause stomach bleeding in people who take anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin. Take medicine with water unless it is instructed otherwise.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Balancing a career and family life altogether can sometimes take a toll your rest/sleep hours. But sleep deprivation will only worsen your situation and makes it extremely difficult for you, and as a result it affects your health leading to diabetes and other health problems. Ensure you get 7-10 hours of sleep every night, and it is even more important as you age.

3. Ignoring Minor Issues that can be Symptoms!

Not really caring for frequent headaches, tiredness, fatigue, stomach pains can be dangerous at times. These signs may be prompting you to something serious issue. So, stop neglecting the minor signs and symptoms and consult a doctor. It’s always advised to get a check up once in a while.

4. Ignoring Menstrual Cramps or Irregularities

Menstrual Cramps and Irregularities are not normal. Several Women don’t feel any pain when they are on their period cycles. Symptoms such as excessive bleeding, fever, nausea and cramps may be linked to Dysmenorrhea. So, if you are frequently noticing such signs, go consult your doctor as soon as possible and get checked.

5. Ignoring Bone Health

Bones continuously change as you age, and so building strong bones, including diet rich in calcium is important to lower the risk of bone fractures in older age. The higher your peak bone mass in the early stages, the more bone you save as you age and the less likely you develop Osteoporosis. Women in fact have less bone tissue than men do, and are at greater risk of osteoporosis

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