Top 10 Hospitals in World

Top 10 Hospitals in World

The list of top 10 hospitals in world will be helpful to know and understand the best hospitals in the world and their treatment facilities.

1. The John Hopkins Hospital

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The John Hopkins Hospital is located in Baltimore ,United States.It has high end facilities for medical care and clinical expertise.From past two decades the hospital ranks number 1 in top 10 hospitals of world.It provides highly effective patient care facilities,scientific training and research studies.It is the first medical centre in the world to perform gender reassignment surgeries( male to female) It is a pioneer in restriction enzyme research and supports genetic bioengineering.

2. Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

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This hospital is in Johannesburg ,South Africa and occupies 2 nd place in the list of top 10 hospitals in the world.It is one of the worlds biggest medical centre spread in 173 acres with 2964 beds.It serves 3.5 million patients in Soweto region and has a faculty of 5000 members.

3. Stanford Hospitals and Clinics

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This hospital is in United States and is ranked the 3 rd best hospitals in the world for improvements in health care and and ground breaking treatment methods.This medical centre performed the very first successful heart and lung transplantation in the world.The hospital is known throughout the world for its accomplishments in advance patient care treatment methods.

4. Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

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This hospital was first started as a Primary medical centre for children 1852.In recent years Great Ormond Street Hospital is well known for its child centered care and is ranked the best hospital for children care in the world.The hospital is known globally when it claimed the copy right for Play of Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie.

5. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre

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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre is ranked the US number 1 cancer institute and offers high class treatment to cancer patients with advancement in cancer analysis and medical determinations.In the list of top 10 hospitals in world it occupies 5 th position .It also known for having highly trained specialized cancer care nursing staff in the world.

6. Harvard Medical School

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Harvard Medical School is in Boston ,United States and is one of the top medical schools of the world.It is a learning centre for medicine as well a hospital .It offers excellent teaching facilities and research centres.The main motto of the hospital is to produce talented doctors that can help treat and prevent illness and reduce suffering of humans.

7. Karolinska Hospital

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It is one of the best hospitals in the world and is located in Stockholm,Sweden.It is the most eco friendly hospital in the world and its 50% of electric requirements are met through solar panels and wind turbines.The hospital is 70 years old and underwent many renovations with huge expenses.Because of its eco friendly speciality the hospital is rated among the top 10 best hospitals of the world.

8. The Priory Hospital

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The Priory Hospital is located in UK with 60 branches across UK.It is one of the best rehabilitation centre in Europe that offers high standard treatment for obsession,Psychological and mental health problems,emotional illness.Most of the patients of Priory hospital were extremely satisfied with the treatment and treatment facilities.

9. Bumrungrad International Hospital

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This hospital is located in Bangkok,Thailand and is a well known medical tourist centre in the world.It provides treatment to more than 4lkah medical tourist patients every year.It offers world class treatment facilities and has a 5 star services in offer.It also assists in visa extensions for abroad patients and has interpreters to offer services to overseas patients.It is one of the best hospitals in the world that caterers high class medical services to overseas patients.

10. Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre

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This medical centre is located in Los Angeles ,United States.It is one of the most lavish and best hospitals in the world.Many celebrities prefer this hospital because of its lavishness .It’s 8 th floor features 32 exceptional luxury rooms with views of Hollywood mountains.Patients can get food cooked by gourmet chef and enjoy classic Picasso paintings.It also offers high quality treatment with luxury.

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