Tips to Beat the Heat

Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer is a time to enjoy outdoors with family and friends but with the rising temperatures hot weather can be dangerous if sufficient precautions are not taken.The number of patients to hospital visit is rising because of heat stroke.So let us find out the safety tips to beat summer heat and save from heat stroke.

The number of deaths due to heat stroke is also on rise in many tropical countries so it is important to take precautionary measures to protect self and family and enjoy happy summer.Infants and old age people are at high risk of heat exhaustion due to their inability to handle high temperatures.

Heat stroke or sun stroke is an abnormal rise in body temperature of 104F or higher accompanied with changes in nervous system.Heat stroke can be sometimes fatal if not treated properly and promptly.The signs of heat stroke are vomiting,nausea, fatigue,weakness,head ache,muscle cramps,dizziness.Different people may have different signs and symptoms of sun stroke how ever common signs and symptoms are high body temperature,hot red flushed dry skin or no sweating,rapid pulse difficulty breathing,confusion,strange behaviour,disorientation,hallucinations, Seizure,coma.

First aid for heat stroke

When you find a person affected with heat stroke call immediately for local emergency services.In mean time before the local emergency services arrive take the person out of sun to a cool shade area,remove any excess clothing,apply water to help cool off,place ice or ice packs or wet towel to areas where large blood vessels are close to surface like neck ,arm pits,groin and persons head.Immerse the person in cool water tub or give him a cool shower to lower the body temperature and cool down heat.

1 Heat stroke is predictable and preventable when these safety tips to beat summer heat are followed.

2 Wear light coloured loose fitted clothes to stay cool-wearing tight or ill fitted clothes doesn’t allow the body to cool quickly.

3 Protect from Sun burn with use of sun screens that have SPF 15 or more and reapply every two hours if sweating or swimming.Use large brimmed hats,sunglasses when out doors.

4 Stay in cool areas when out side like libraries,shopping malls,rather than hot enclosed places.

5 Stay hydrated -Drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated and maintain normal body temperature.

6 Never leave any one in a parked car especially children and old people.This is a major cause of deaths in children due to heat related problems.

7 Don’t do any strenuous activities during the hottest time of the day rather do it early morning or late evenings.

8 Better avoid going out in hot sun during peak hours like 10 am to 4 pm.

9 Use fan or air conditioner if possible

10 Eat well balance light regular meals

11 Stay in the lowest floor possible

12 Cover windows with drapes or shades to keep house cool from hot sun rays

13 Weather stripping and proper insulation will keep cool air inside the room.

14 Consume cool drinks or fruit juices rather than alcoholic drinks as they can impair the body’s ability to regulate temperature.

Avoid heat stroke and stay cool in summer with these safety tips to beat summer heat and enjoy relaxing happy summer.

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