Smartphone gazing in the dark can make you ‘blind’

Smartphone gazing in the dark can make you ‘blind’

People who sleep with their Smartphones next to them and stare at them at nights were found to be affected by the by transient smartphone “blindness”, according to a latest study.

The researchers have found that two women who were affected by transient smartphone “blindness” were addicted to stare at their Smartphones in the dark. They were found to be gazing at their Smartphones screens with one eye, and had now injured their cornea.

“They were looking at their smartphones and they just happened to have one eye covered because they were lying in bed,” Omar Mahroo, ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and an author reported in a paper published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

In both the cases of these women, one retina was adapted to light and the other to dark. “The retina is pretty amazing because it can adapt to lots of different light levels, probably better than any camera,” he noted.

Retinas can adjust to the dimmer environment, even after going inside after being outdoors. However, the women experienced a different scenario in which change is obvious.

To find the root problem, doctors have asked the two women to view their Smartphones with their left eye, following with right eye. They have found that the eye which is temporarily going blind was the one that was being often used to look at the bright screen.

For confirmation, Mahroo stared at the smartphone for 20 minutes before turning off the screen in the dim environment, “It did actually feel quite strange. It would be very alarming if you didn’t know what was going on,” he said.

After the dim light, the retina which was exposed to the screen took longer time to adjust to new light settings. Mahroo says he has noted several other patients who were being experiencing the temporary vision loss because of the Smartphones use.

“We don’t know of any ill effects as of now but it can be jarring,” the authors concluded.

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