Reasons Why Young Women shouldn’t take Aspirin daily?

Reasons Why Young Women shouldn’t take Aspirin daily?

It is not the first time Aspirin has hit the headlines, as more than 36 percent of the population of US are reportedly taking low-dose aspirin to prevent a heart attack or stroke, and that consistent low dose could help cut the odds of developing cancer risks.

However, if you’ve self-prescribed Aspirin for your troubles, you should stop taking aspirin now and get an accurate treatment. Young women shouldn’t take Aspirin daily, as it does more harm than benefiting you. Here’s why…

Taking Aspirin daily can lead to side effects such as potential fatal bleeding from the gut, and when you take it quite longer, it increases the risk of bleeding.

Aspirin should not be recommended routinely to prevent heart attacks.

Doctors do not recommend people with type 2 diabetes to take aspirin.

Several research studies have reported that taking 75mg aspirin a day is likely to show same effect as taking 300mg a day, and it will help carry lower risk of bleeding.

If you are facing atrial fibrillation, it increases the risks of stroke by 500%, and in this case aspirin should not be used to reduce this risk as it’s not as effective as warfarin or the newer alternatives including NOACs.

Individuals who suffer from severe indigestion or a past peptic ulcer should not take aspirin regularly.

People with Asthma can also get a worsening of their wheezing, if they keep regularly take Aspirin.

While women over the age of 65 would benefit from taking Aspirin daily, women under 65 however can should not take a dose of aspirin every day as the potential dangers can outweigh the risks

Intake of baby aspirin at a dose of 81mg regularly can raise the risks of gastrointestinal bleeding in the esophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum, or anus by four times, also increasing the risks of cerebral (brain) hemorrhage

Aspirin is not a magic pill- Following healthy lifestyle habits such as eating healthy, exercising regularly, maintaining healthy weight, limiting alcohol helps prevent heart attack or stroke better than aspirin.

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