Famous Street Foods In Hyderabad

Famous Street Foods In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a place known for its rich cultural heritage and Hyderabadi Cuisine.Hyderabadi cuisine also known as Deccani Cuisine is a reflection of Nizam and Mughali culture.Hyderabad is the best place in India to offer different varieties of foods.The best foods being Hyderabadi biryani and Haleem,the city also offer mouth watering and lip smacking South Indian dishes to Chinese noodles. Though there are a large number of restaurants that offer all kinds of foods street foods are a different as they offer the same food at a relatively low price.There are many famous street foods in Hyderabad that offer different variations of delicacies to the native as well a intrepid traveller.Here is a list of some of the famous street foods in Hyderabad to taste the authentic dishes.

1 Pragati Gully,Sultan Bazar for Breakfast

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This is the best place in Hyderabad to have a morning breakfast as the vendors reach early morning to serve the breakfast.The breakfast has options of idly,dosa,upma Medu vada,pongal that is simple and a healthier breakfast.

2 Sindhi Colony Secunderabad for North Indian dishes

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The Sindhi colony in Secunderabad has got to offer delicacies from North India as Bombay chat,Punjabi,Gujarati,Chinese ,Italian cuisine.They offer from vada pav,Dabeli to pasta cooked in peanut oil sprinkled with chat powder.

3 Sardarji Chat at Gachibowli Hyderabad

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This place in Gachibowli Hyderabad as the name suggests offer authentic North Indian snacks at affordable prices.Aloo samosa,moongdal kachori ,papdi with curd, chole etc are some of the snacks served at this place.

4 Ram ki Bandi,Nampally,Hyderabad


This eatery started in 2008 and famous for late night offer.This place is famous for its butter dosa and coconut chutney.It also offers paneer dosas, tawa idlys,pizza dosas and many more varieties of south Indian breakfast .They serve hot food from 2.30 am to 8.00 am and popular among early breakfasters and late night biters.It is so famous that the owner of this stall started an AC restaurant called Ram’s Dosa in Banjara Hills.

5 Gokul Chat,Koti main road,Hyderabad

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Gokul chat is located opposite Koti Women’s college on Koti main road and is very popular among chat lovers of not only Hyderabad but other states too.They offer a wide range of mouth watering savoury snacks like Pav Baji,Samosa,Pani puri,Bhel puri.Kachori,Cut Mirchi,hot Mirchi bajji,samosa ragada,papdi ragada,cut mirchi ragada .They also offer cold dahi varieties like dahi papad,missal,dahi puri ,sev puri,samosa that are very delicious and not to be missed.Kulfi sold at the entrance adds a completeness to the meals served and is highly recommended.

6 Lakshman ki Bandi,Begumbazar,Hyderabad

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This eatery bandi is located in Begumbazar near to Charminar and is 50 years old .It is a very popular breakfast spot among the locals and non locals.They offer amazing delicious tempting food at a very cheap price and has got much fan following.It serves delicious lip smacking dosas,idlys,vadas with green chutney rather than coconut chutney.The service is also quick and the food is offered on banana leaves.

7 Rajasthani Jalebi and Namkeen,Charminar Hyderabad

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This is one of the oldest and famous street food site located near Historic Charminar.This eatery is famous for its delicacy jalebi and imarti served which has got the authentic taste of Rajasthan and that leave you carve for more.It is a place must visit to taste one of Hyderabad’s famous food item.

8 Famous Ice Creams,Mozamjahi Market,Koti,Hyderabad

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This place offers a variety of desserts that are awesome and refreshing.They have got a wide varieties of Ice Creams and are served in pots,as slices .You can order choice of your flavour and shah special items that are much recommended.

9 Bombay Bakery,Abids,Hyderabad

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This is one of the finest bakeries in Hyderabad located at Abids.They serve wide varieties of cakes,biscuits,muffins.Bun Maska a special delicacy is much enjoyed as it has melted butter inside the bun and is highly recommended.

10 Govind Bandi,Gulzar Hauz,Hyderabad

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This is one of the famous street foods in Hyderabad known for their fluffy soft idlys served with a butter layer.They also serve other South Indian breakfast delicacies like dosa,upma and vada.This place is a must visit for idly lovers as the idly served are the best in the town.

The list of famous street foods in Hyderabad will of great help to people who are foodie lovers and loves to explore a wide varieties of Hyderabad street food recipes.Hope the article will of great help in choosing the right famous street foods in Hyderabad.

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