What does your Color code on toothpaste say?

What does your Color code on toothpaste say?

Have you ever noticed the Color code on toothpaste, which is at the back of the product? Regular tooth paste manufacturers are packed with blue, red and black color codes and on the other hand herbal tooth paste manufacturers use green.

From past several years, a graphic image is being shared on a site explaining the colored squares that are found on the packaging label of the products. These colors signify the chemical content utilized in the toothpaste. Toothpastes are manufactured with the mix of chemicals and natural materials.

Toothpaste color code

The color code on toothpaste provide the information related to the product. Here’s to learn more about toothpaste bottom color.

  • Blue – Medicine + Natural
  • Black – Pure chemical
  • Red – Natural + chemical
  • Green – Natural

The truth is the colored squares are not linked to the toothpaste content at times, and the manufacturers generally use them as color marks or eye marks to make the packed product either folded or cut via machinery at high speed. The eye mark is rectangular and is found at the edge of webstock. While it can be read with an electric eye, it is designed to spot a point on the web where an individual pack should be cut.

More than these eye marks or colored squares, you need to read the information given under ingredients and you will get enough information and to understand if there are any harmful contents.

Sodium Fluoride

Sodium Fluoride is the key ingredient in toothpaste and it is a rat poison too. Several toothpastes and mouthwashes contain fluoride. These toothpastes are packed with enough fluoride to kill a child below 6 years of age, say reports.

FD and C Blue Dyes

These dyes in toothpastes can lead to headaches, asthma, fatigue, allergies and even cancer in certain conditions.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the ingredient that is harmful to skin tissue and corrosive. Apart from toothpastes, it is majorly used in garage floor cleaners, car wash soaps, engine degreasers, etc.

If the toothpastes you use also include triclosan and hydrated silica on the label of the product, you must avoid buying them.
You can always prefer natural toothpastes by choosing a herbal tooth paste that contains only natural and herbal ingredients for stronger teeth.

So pay attention to color code on toothpaste and read ingredients while buying the product. Have you ever noticed the toothpaste color code?

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