6 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Babies

6 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Babies

We have earlier posted an article on Benefits of coconut oil. It is known fact that the versatile ingredient can be used for all ages. Let’s see how to use Coconut oil for babies especially infants.

1. Rich source of Lauric Acid

One of the Benefits of coconut oil is its rich source of Lauric Acid. Soon-to-be mothers should incorporate coconut oil or coconut products in their diet to improve the breast milk. Coconut oil intake aids in ensuring pregnant women to store fat anticipating lactation, and this will improve the lauric acid in the fat in their breast milk, which indeed benefits the health of the newborn.

2. Better Digestion for babies

How to use Coconut oil for babies? Coconut oil packed with medium-chain triglycerides that benefits metabolism process making it best infants food. It is easily digestible and is good for the stomach. Including coconut oil in your diet helps improve body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

3. Good sleep

Massaging infants and children with 15-20 minutes is shown to have tremendous physical and mental health benefits among them. They not only help babies sleep better at nights but ease symptoms of postpartum depression in new mothers, also improving bond with the new infant. Also there are research studies that massaging newborn infants alleviates stress and help them sleep better at night.

4. Treats Skin Disorders

Infants often suffer from skin disorders and rashes due to overactive skin glands. Massaging with coconut oil moisturizes skin and reduces the risks of your baby developing allergic reactions on baby’s head as well as the their nose, ears, eyebrows and torso. So baby coconut oil with its antimicrobial properties is effective in soothing skin inflammation.

5. For Bruises, Bug Bites, Stings and Burns

Uses for coconut oil is not restricted to just massage, but it can be heal Bruises, Bug Bites, Stings and Burns as well. Apply coconut oil directly on bruises, Bug Bites and Stings as well as any burns. It not only fastens healing process by reducing swelling but stops itching and burning sensation as well as reduces scars.

6. Baby hair

Use Coconut oil for Baby hair for softness and silkiness. Wet baby’s hair during bath and apply small amount of coconut oil evenly onto the hair. You can also massage coconut oil for baby hair at night and wash it off in the morning to obtain smooth and healthy hair.

Now that you know how to use Coconut oil for babies, do not forget to add them to your infant’s routine. Also check Benefits of coconut oil in our other post.

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