What is the Best way to Sleep?

What is the Best way to Sleep?

We have said it several times how sleep is important for maintaining a good physical and mental health, and a 6-9 hours of sleep every day is vital to reduce health risks? But, What is the Best way to sleep? Yes, we are talking about the sleeping positions!

According to health experts, your sleep position can influence your health and improve your digestive health, as well as promote better looking skin.

If you’re wondering on which side to sleep or best sleeping position, here’s the answer. It matters which side or position you sleep. Sleep on the left side of your body always to improve your health and save your life.

If you’re sleeping on any other position, read the reason on why you should start sleeping on your left side. While there are several sleeping positions like front, on back, left side and right side, they can affect your health. People with sleep apnea or asthma shouldn’t sleep on the back as it may further lead to breathing difficulties. Sleeping on the right side can worsen digestion problems, but sleeping on left side improves digestive symptoms.

According to the holistic medicine, the best way to sleep is on the left side of the body, as it is the dominant lymphatic side and it helps your body have more time to filter out toxins, lymph fluid, and waste through the thoracic duct and the lymph nodes. On the flip side, sleeping on your right side can actually may cause your lymphatic system to run more slowly, which in turn can turn incompetent of filtering toxins or properly moving lymph fluid throughout the body. The turn of happening can increase your risk of deadly diseases due to the build-up of toxins.

Sleeping on left side helps your body become more efficient at toxin disposal through waste. The position improves the digestive system, and allows your body to quickly extract nutrients and get rid of the toxins.

We hope the article clarifies on Best way to sleep or the best sleeping position you need to follow. Do visit back for more interesting health articles.

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