Air Pollution linked to Kidney Disease Risks, warns a study

Air Pollution linked to Kidney Disease Risks, warns a study

It is known that exposure to air pollution for long term can lead to respiratory and further cardiovascular diseases, but a recent study has warned that Air Pollution is linked to the increased risk rate of Kidney Diseases.

Air Pollution has become a serious problem in almost all cities, though the extent of it on an individual has been unclear. The researchers from Southern Medical University in China have found that Long-term exposure to air pollution may damage your kidneys, irrespective of your age. The team had examined the reports of kidney biopsies taken over 11 years of around 71,151 patients of all age groups from 938 hospitals in 282 cities across China.

The findings showed that the air pollution increased the probability of membranous nephropathy, an immune disorder of the kidneys that leads to kidney damage by 13 per cent annually over the 11-year study period. The proportions of other major kidney conditions remained constant. Places with high levels of fine particulate air pollution were found to have increased rates of membranous nephropathy.

Lead author Fan Fan Hou of China’s Southern Medical University said, “Our primary finding is that the frequency of membranous nephropathy has doubled over the last decade in China. We show that the increase corresponds closely with the regional distribution of particulate air pollution.”

The researchers stated that the results called for scope on the role of air pollution in the development of kidney disease in urban areas

The findings were published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, and the study co-authors include Guobao Wang, MD, Nan Chen, MD, Tao Lu, MD, Sheng Nie, MD, Gang Xu, MD, Ping Zhang, MD, Yang Luo, MD, Yongping Wang, MD, Xiaobin Wang, MD, PhD, Joel Schwartz, PhD, and Jian Geng, MD.

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