106 Ways To Fight Depression

Nutrihealthline.com – It is not always easy to fight depression, but if you look for ways on how to fight depression, you will find hundreds. It is actually true that we have more reasons to be happy than sad, but our own sense of self pity tends to keep us wallowing in self-pity and misery.

Here are 101 sweet ways to fight depression: try one, try two, three or try them all:

  1. Read the following 100 tips.
  2. Smile. Smile. Smile. Observe how you cannot be depressed and smile at the same time.
  3. Wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and say loudly – this is going to be a great day. I am happy and I will be happy throughout the day.
  4. Make a list with all the crazy stuff you want to do. Do it.
  5. Get a pet and start talking about all your woes to this pet, who will be the greatest listener in the world.
  6. Have a full body massage. Soft hands rubbing your back, the back of your neck will make you forget your name, leave alone depression.
  7. Call a friend and pour your heart out. Don’t worry if the friend is bored out of his head with your whining; what are friends there for, if not listening to your woes once in a while at about 2 AM in the morning?
  8. Dance with wild abandon. Go to the nearest (best) discotheque, night club, fun place and dance. Dancing is an excellent depression repellent.
  9. Start walking – as an exercise. Find a place where you get enough eye candy “whatever your poison is” and you will find walking to be immensely therapeutic.
  10. Treat yourself to something that you have been putting off for long.
  11. Take the first flight/ bus/ train out and explore a new place for a week.
  12. Get a sexy hairdo.
  13. Volunteer your time to help the underprivileged in your vicinity. If nothing else, you will feel better that you are not at the receiving-end yourself.
  14. When you wake up, first thing in the morning look into your own eyes (in the mirror) and do not stop until you listed top 20 blessings that you have been taking for granted.
  15. Make a plan to discover what the eateries in your region serve – be adventurous.
  16. Learn and practice meditation. If you cannot fight depression – at least you will get philosophical about it and attract appreciation.
  17. Find a great book and read it.
  18. Go on a blind date. Be honest form the beginning about your marital status, lest you will really gain an additional reason for depression.
  19. Find comedy movies and watch them with friends. Laughing together is very therapeutic.
  20. Join a laughter club and learn to laugh even when you do not feel like it.
  21. Plan and play a practical joke on your friends.
  22. Prank_on_friends.
  23. Plan and play a practical joke on your friends.
  24. Chat with someone anonymously; hugely therapeutic.
  25. Take a hot, hot bubble bath. If possible with someone you can ask to rub your back.
  26. Go to the local animal shelter and save a pet. Bring it home and enjoy its company.
  27. Write your troubles on a paper; then tear and throw it. Say to yourself, that you will overcome them all just like that.
  28. Redo your home’s interior decor with bright and welcoming colours and furnishings.
  29. Learn cooking. Phenomenal hobby – perhaps the best way how to fight depression.
  30. Bunk work and use the day to do something you always wanted. The crazier the better – but sane stuff helps as well.
  31. Buy a set of postcards and send a few lovely words to your family and friends.
  32. Visit a chiropractor and re-align your body. Superb feeling.
  33. Learn to taste and drink wine – both red and white, but best is the red wine.
  34. Pick up a camera and start clicking funny and candid pictures. Will help you overcome depression any time.
  35. Have a foot massage. If possible, every day.
  36. Have a manicure/ pedicure with the foot massage.
  37. Call friends over for a party and potluck. Lots of music, good friends, lots of chatting, good times.
  38. Stop all alcohol. Alcohol is the worst weapon to battle depression. In fact this brings it on, instead of chasing it away.
  39. Sing loudly in shower and out of the shower.
  40. Use humour to describe your own woes. After a while they would not look as gargantuan.
  41. Learn a new language.
  42. Learn a new skill.
  43. Get yourself a great one among the latest gadgets in the market. Learn all about it and use it.
  44. Get a Nintendo Game and unleash the joy of playing games.
  45. Have a massage by the opposite sex, i.e. males should get a massage by a female, and vice versa.
  46. Have a massage by the opposite sex, i.e. males should get a massage by a female, and vice versa.
  47. Take random walks in different parts of your city; discover new places to eat, to have fun, to shop, etc.
  48. Tell your mind to any jerk, who is rude to you or others. Feels superb.
  49. Go bungee jumping or any such crazy stuff. Always keep your safety in mind.
  50. Pick up the phone and call your parents, spouse, friends and/ or anyone dear and tell them you called because you wanted to say “I love you”.
  51. Walk barefoot on green grass lawn.
  52. Start a new saving method – stash some money there.
  53. Find a way to earn money online. Pursue it as a residual income source.
  54. Ensure you get at least 6-8 hours sleep in 24 hours, preferably at night. Use homeopathy medication if you are not sleeping well.
  55. Learn and follow life’s best 2 rules. Rule No.1 – Don’t sweat small stuff. Rule No.2 – All stuff is small stuff.
  56. You can make a difference in someone’s life. Do it. Be someone’s guardian angel. Do at least one good deed every day.
  57. Learn yoga for anti-depression. Potent stuff.
  58. Listen to any Self Hypnosis on youtube.
  59. Buy a down comforter. Pure heaven.
  60. Take one step at a time. Do not force yourself to speed things up.
  61. Try a new dish every day. Discover the joy of discovering new stuff.
  62. Read good comedy books. Witty comedy is the best.
  63. Watch some great comedy serials such as Friends, M*A*S*H, etc.
  64. Have some sinfully rich chocolate dessert.
  65. Hug a friend/ family/ pet – hugs are excellent way to fight depression.
  66. Get a brain-tester puzzle book and apply yourself to it. Excellent pastime; very exhilarating when you solve the puzzles.
  67. Stop putting yourself down. Learn to forgive yourself.
  68. Buy balloons. Be the kid once you were.
  69. Buy balloons. Be the kid once you were.
  70. Spend time with people who love you.
  71. Visit a fortune-teller or psychic and talk stuff.
  72. Think positively. Chase all negative thoughts away, and replace them with positive thoughts. This is the key to how to fight depression.
  73. Tell yourself, “You are No.1″. You need to pay attention to your own needs in your own life.
  74. Have a thorough medical check-up.
  75. Make it your job to help someone in need.
  76. Get together with some like-minded people and disappear some place for an adventure weekend.
  77. Learn martial arts for self-defense. It calms your mind and gives you a great sense of control.
  78. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  79. Give yourself an off day/ off week/ off month/ off year. Use it to do stuff you wanted.
  80. Plan for the off month/ year.
  81. Change your job. Fire the boss.
  82. Find a new hobby.
  83. Use your hobby to earn money.
  84. Write a list of 100 blessings you have in your life.
  85. Write “thank you” notes to all your family and friends for being there for you.
  86. Write an appreciative note and send it your best friend.
  87. Give coupons with wishes that they can ask of you to your children, siblings, spouse, friends.
  88. Have an impromptu picnic.
  89. Buy a goldfish. Buy more goldfish.
  90. Buy a goldfish. Buy more goldfish.
  91. Learn to cook your favourite dish.
  92. Take a holiday overseas.
  93. Learn a new sport.
  94. Learn sign language.
  95. Make new friends – offline.
  96. Learn to set up a vertical garden indoors.
  97. Set up a small herb garden indoors or outdoors.
  98. Go for a body detox program.
  99. Go for eating raw food for 30 days.
  100. Go for ‘taste a new dish every day’ for a month.
  101. Do something new every day for a month/ 3 months/ 1 year.
  102. Laugh with abandon – as often as you can.
  103. Talk. Talk with someone whom you trust and let it all out.
  104. Visit a doctor and do something to fight depression – if it persists over 7-10 days.
  105. Visit your childhood’s best places.
  106. Finally Get a tattoo that you’ve always wanted even if not get one.
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Chase the blues with these 106 fun tips. You will be back on your feet before you even know it.

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