10 Tips to Promote Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Advertisements – Before the bad eating habits take control over and become a part of your kids’ routine, try changing their health habits with good diet tips.

Lists you the Top 10 Nutrition tips for Kids to promote better eating habits

1. Let Kids stay away from junk foods

It’s advised to let your kids stay away or limit them from the Junk foods. However, nutritionists suggest not imposing total ban on junk foods, as doing so will make them tempt to want what they can’t have. Rather limit the junk foods in your house and substitute with healthy snacks slowly.


2. Warn Kids on Energy Drinks

Kids are oblivious to unhealthy sugary/energy drinks or the number of calories it contains. It’s up to parents to advise them to avoid unhealthy drinks. Give your toddlers and kids plenty of water and plain milk, and help them avoid sugary juice or chocolate milk. Also, try including fruits in their diet rather than the fruit juices that contain loads of sugar.

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3. Go for Sized servings

Ensure you are serving serve your children appropriate portions of meals, and not humongous sized portions. Not just the junk foods, but eating too much of healthy foods in heavy quantities can also cause weight gain.

4. Don’t ban the foods to kids

If you keep restricting foods to kids, they crave them more. So, don’t make any foods off limits to your kids and instead practice moderation. It is okay for children to indulge in ice-creams and desserts at times.


5. A strict meal and snack schedule

Make children stick to a regular meal and snack time schedule, and don’t let them skip meals. According to nutritionists, children require three meals and two snacks each day, and this discourages kids from grazing throughout the day, or becoming too hungry between their meals. Include healthy snacks like apples or baby carrots or other fruits in diet.

6. Opt for Natural Foods

Processed foods are packed with more calories than natural foods, and they are much healthier. Stick to foods in purest form such as fresh fruits, vegetables. Save the processed foods or fast foods for occasional treats and opt for natural foods daily.

7. Encourage fat-free or low-fat dairy products

Children need good amount of calcium for bone maintenance, and including dairy products in their diet can fill in calcium needs. Avoid full-fat dairy products in children’s diet and instead let them opt for low-fat or fat-free cheese, yogurt and milk.

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8. Make your kids say no to fried foods

Help your kids recognize unhealthy and healthy foods, and initiate them to stay away from processed or fried foods. Include grilled or baked foods instead of fried foods. But if they crave too much for fried foods at times, sever the healthier homemade version foods.

9. Don’t encourage clean plate club

Teach your kids to eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. Don’t push them to eat whatever is left on the plate, as it begins to become a habit and they will eventually eat too much. Make them eat in small-portioned sizes.

10. Incorporate Physical Exercise in child’s daily activities

Physical exercise is important particularly for kids and encourage them to try different sports. Encourage family walks, ban elevators and let them take stairs and let them have a play hour every day.


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