Best Vitamins For Hair Fall Control

Best Vitamins For Hair Fall Control

calp on top of head.Vitamins C and B are considered essential for healthy hair growth.Any deficiency of these vitamins can also lead to severe hair fall and hair loss.Find out the best vitamins for hair loss and include them in your diet to promote healthy growth of hair. According to dermatologists Vitamins A,B6,C,E and B5 tend to directly affect skin,body and hair.taking these vitamins as supplements or including them in the daily diet enhances hair growth, makes skin healthy and radiant.So try these best vitamins for hair loss and get long thick lustrous hair.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps regulate synthesis of retinoic acid in hair follicle that promotes hair growth.More over the scalp uses this vitamin to produce sebum that nourishes the hair roots and prevents from drying out.Carrots,spinach,sweet potatoes,tuna,lettuce,apricots,peaches and other dark leafy vegetables are rich source of vitamin A.

Vitamin B

These vitamins promote hair growth by reducing stress.Vitamin B6 and B12 stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation and strengthening the hair.Other B- complex vitamins also contribute to hair growth.Food sources of vitamin B6 and B12 are eggs,chicken,whole grains,vegetables,fish,papaya ,oranges.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid helps absorb iron from the food.This vitamin plays an important role in red blood cell and collagen production essential for healthy hair growth.This is one of the best vitamins for hair growth and can be found in oranges,sweet lime,lemons,papaya,spinach,kiwi,guavas,broccoli.

Vitamin D

This is best vitamins for hair loss as it stimulates hair follicle and promotes new hair shafts growth .This helps in hair follicle cycling.It is best found in fish,fortified milk,soy milk,oysters,ham,cod liver oil,tofu,eggs,mushrooms.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is rich antioxidants and anti inflammatory.It stimulates blood vessels and improves scalp blood circulation thus promoting hair growth.This vitamin is beneficial not only to hair but skin as well.The best sources of this vitamin are almonds,olive oil,pumpkin seeds,spinach,tofu,avocado,sunflower seeds,broccoli.

Vitamin B5 or Panthenol

This vitamin is an active ingredient in many hair fall control medicines and is known as pro vitamin B5.In nature it is available as D-Panthenol.The rich food sources of this vitamin are oily fish,eggs,mushrooms,cheese,avocados,beef,poultry,sweet potatoes,sunflower seeds,lean pork. Apart from these make sure you have a balanced meal every day to prevent hair loss.Include whole grains in daily diet as many of the vitamins and other nutrients are rich in them and can contribute to your hair and skin.

One of the leading cause of hair loss is vitamin deficiency and hence include as many vitamins as possible in your diet.Make sure you have these best vitamins for hair loss in your food to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

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