Rice Water For Gorgeous Hair And Flawless Skin

Rice Water For Gorgeous Hair And Flawless Skin

Rice water proved to be one of the beautiful home remedies for a beautiful skin and long lustrous hair.From ancient times Japanese women followed this remedy and it is one of their beauty secrets.Rice water benefits Indian skin too if they go for a simple natural ,chemical free treatment .This rice water suits all skin types oily,dry or normal.It is very simple and easy to prepare too.In most of the Asian community rice is a commonly prepared food and available in every hold.

Simple methods to prepare rice water

What you need:

1/2 cup raw rice (store brought)

2 cups water

Method 1

Firstly wash the rice clean with a cup of water and soak the rice in another cup of water for 15-20 minutes.Later strain out the water into a clean bowl.Hence rice water ready it looks milky white.Isn’t it easy to make.Now this rice water is ready to use either on skin or hair.

Method 2

Just normally the way we cook the rice in a bowl (not pressure cook /electric cook) strain the excess water after the rice is cooked in to clean bowl and let it cool.This water looks a bit thick, vivid white and is concentrated.It is rich in nutrients.You can either dilute this with water or use directly.

How rice water can be used for skin care

Rice water skin care

As rice water in rich in nutrients with vitamin B,C and E it works wonders on skin.

Rice water skin whitening

It acts as an excellent skin toner and helps in keeping the skin smooth, glowing and also even outs the skin tone.Rice water aids in skin whitening too if used regularly. It also helps in fighting acne and reduce acne pores.Take a cotton ball and dab it in rice water and apply over acne and pores the astringent property in rice water helps in clearing pores and reduces the pore size.It also helps in reducing inflammation redness of pores.

Rice water benefits for Health

Skin conditions like eczema can be treated with regular use of rice water strained from cooked rice as it contains more starch.Therefore rice water benefits for health too.

How to use rice water for hair growth

Rice water for hair growth

Recent research as shown that rice water exhibits amazing hair care effects.It helps in repairing damaged hair and protects from further damage due the presence of a hair carbohydrate called Inositol plus the amino acids in the rice water helps in strengthening hair roots and giving hair a smooth,shiny and lustrous feel.It also helps in de-tangle frizzy unmanageable hair. All you have to do is just wash or rinse your hair with rice water for these amazing results.

Hence Rice water proves to be wonderful DIY natural home care treatment for a beautiful flawless skin and healthy shiny hair.Then why use chemicals go for natural rice water for its amazing benefits and uses for hair and skin.

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