How to Clean Hair? The Right Way to Wash Your Hair

Advertisements – You might’ve been doing it all wrong or wondering How to Clean Hair the right way! While it is vital to keep your hair squeaky clean, you need to understand that Cleaning Hair is not about quick scrubbing and rinsing. Shampooing hair incorrectly can harm your hair follicles, scalp, hair strands.

Here’s the best way to Clean Hair without causing damage or breakage or affecting your hair follicles, scalp, hair strands.

Pre-Shampoo Hair Tips

Before Shampoo process, comb your hair to detangle the knots, and this helps prevent any hair breakage. This also aid in removing the styling products residue. It is also advised to oil your hair an hour or two before shampooing, and this helps in conditioning your hair.

Use Best Shampoo

Choose a shampoo according to your hair type. There are lots of Best Shampoos in the market for dry hair, oily hair and normal hair. Also use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to clean out the hair products residue from your scalp.

How to Clean Hair

Say No to Too Hot Showers

Always use lukewarm water, as too hot water can dry out your scalp, trigger the oil glands to produce oil and leaves your scalp greasy. Dampen your hair with warm water.

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Don’t Overdo Shampoo

Use little amount of shampoo (the size of a quarter for medium length hair). Dilute the shampoo with water in a container to lather it up. Apply the product gently throughout your locks. It is better to start from end and work towards the roots. Stick to the shampoo that works best for you. Once in every couple of weeks, use clarifying shampoo, as it washes away the residue.

Massage the diluted shampoo on your scalp in circular motions with your fingers. Begin from back of your neck and work your way towards the crown. Take a minute to massage the scalp and using a little more shampoo, work massage up and down your scalp for a couple of minutes. Do not pull the hair up while working your way up, as it may tangle your hair.

Your hair behind your ears is often neglected when you are on quick, and this is breeding ground for fungal infections. Ensure you massage along the hairline at the top of your ears move towards behind the ears.

Run the warm water through your entire length sectioning your hair and begin the rinsing process. Ensure the water reaches all sections of your hair. Rinse and Run down the water down along the hairline.

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Wring out the excess water from your hair with your hands.

Hair Conditioners

Take dollop-sized amount of conditioner and rub between your palms. Apply it from the mid-section of hair, concentrating more on the tips and ends of roots.

Do not apply conditioner to your scalp, as it harms your hair growth. Leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes.

You don’t have to scrub your hair with conditioner. Instead rinse the product off with cold water. The cool water will lock the moisture and keep your hair from drying out.

Hair Drying

Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair instead of regular towel that can break your hair. You can also opt for your old cotton T-shirt to wrap your hair around it for 10 minutes.

Follow the tips of our How to Clean Hair post, and give your hair the deserving gentle treatment. Your hair needs as much as attention as your skin.

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