Want to Improve your Memory? Then go for a morning jog

Want to Improve your Memory? Then go for a morning jog

ou do know that Running can keep you fit and healthy, but do you know that a daily run can also boost your memory? Yes, say the scientists.

Long term exercise routine enhances your memory, since it activates a protein that improves the brain cell growth. The researchers claimed that the production of cathepsin B, a protein can be drawn from the muscles to the brain in mice, evidently enhances the muscle cells after exercise.

Henriette van Praag, Neuroscientist at the National Institute on Aging in the US said, “In the study, we did a screen for proteins that could be secreted by muscle tissue and transported to the brain and among the most interesting candidates was cathepsin B.”

The researchers have compared the memory recall of normal mice to that of mice that are lacking the ability to produce cathepsin B under sedentary as well as running conditions. These mice were given a daily swim test in the Morris water maze for a week, where the mice are placed in the small pool and must learn to swim to a platform that is hidden just below the surface of the water.

The normal mice learnt where to find the platform eventually after few days. Before the swim test when both the teams of mice were made to take the swim, the normal mice were better able to recall the location, while the other mice which were unable to make cathepsin B could not remember the location however.

The increased time these mice spent on the exercise levels, the increased levels of protein in the blood and muscle tissue.

Van Praag further added, “In humans who exercise consistently for four months, better performance on complex recall tasks, such as drawing from memory, is correlated with increased cathepsin B levels.”

Furthermore, when cathepsin B was functioned to brain cells, it encouraged the creation of molecules related to neurogenesis. “We also have converging evidence from our study that cathepsin B is unregulated in blood by exercise for three species mice, Rhesus monkeys and humans,” van Praag further said.

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