Prabhas Bahubali Work out and Diet Schedule

Prabhas Bahubali Work out and Diet Schedule

Prabhas is an Indian Telugu film actor who is now well known throughout the nation as Bahubali.He is a 6 feet 2 inches tall and is one of the most hand some sought Telugu actor.He is born on 23 October 1979 ,Hyderabad , AndhraPradesh.He was weighing 82 kg before the movie started and he gained 20 kg more for the movie to get the desired look Bahubali.He under went a dynamic physical transformation for the role which made him popular world wide.After the grand success of Bahubali now he is trained to look much bulker in Bahubali 2 which is about to release soon.

It is heard that he gained 150 kg to meet the role and even appointed a dietician to prepare a strict diet.Lets find out the secret behind Prabhas Bahubali work out and diet schedule .

Prabhas diet for Bahubali

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Prabhas followed a strict diet regime which included lot of proteins,fibre and less of carbohydrates and fats.In his breakfast he took 42 egg whites,1/4 kg chicken and fresh fruits.He used to have seven small meals in lunch which compromised brown rice,oats,pasta,vegetable salads consisting of fibrous carbohydrates broccoli ,spinach.Post work out he used to take one and half scoop of protein powder mixed in either milk or soup.This was his daily diet schedule to build those warrior looks in Prabhas Bahubali 2.

Prabhas bahubali gym workout

Apart from strict diet Prabhas worked out a lot to gain that massive muscles which brought him a lot of fame .He did not hire any foreign physical trainer rather chosen a local trainer to help him.He used to work out approximately 6 hours each day focussing on different muscle groups with different techniques.He worked out rigorously for 6 months to get that desired shape and warrior looks for the role.He divided his work out schedule in two parts morning and evening each one and half hour long.

After a basic warm up session he worked at his home in built gym for 15 minutes cardio,15 minutes yoga, stretching and weight lifts.Cross fit and plyometrics are an integral part of his cardio training.

Prabhas not only worked out hard but also enjoyed it and followed the diet plan strictly are the secrets for Prabhas Bahubali fitness.

As you now know the secret behind those massive muscles and warrior look body of Prabhas bahubali 2 if you want to get those hulk like body follow Prabhas Bahubali work out and diet schedule.,Hit the screens in April to witness the mighty looks of Prabhas Bahubali 2.

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