Healthy Diet Tips and Exercise Plans for Teens – Academic studies, busy schedules, after school jobs occupy teenagers’ calendars, and the time-constraints leave them overweight and obese. However, with a proper plan and healthy tips, there are ways you can improve your body shape and posture All you have to do is squeeze a sufficient amount of exercise into your week, besides making some nutritious food choices.

So Teens, consider these Healthy Diet Tips and Exercise Plans that helps you stay fit and improve your body posture.

1. Aim for Balance

Teenagers need to eat healthy and it is important to choose the right foods. Diet Experts say Teen girls need about 2,200 calories each day, while teen boys require about 2,800 calories. Go for a Balanced diet by pick up foods from grains, fruits and vegetables groups. Opt for low-fat calcium choices for maintaining the bone health, and lean proteins to build muscle. Limit sugary, fatty foods to stay energized.

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2. The Best Diet is No Diet

Sometimes, sticking to diet-plans can do harm than good, especially for Teen. Young adults should opt for a well-rounded diet, rather than following the fad diets and craving for more foods. Eat fresh foods and drink plenty of fluids.

3. Don’t encourage Dieting pills and Fads

Put an end to these extreme dieting trends. Although Low-fat diet is better than doing nothing at all, it’s not the effective weight loss strategy especially for the teens. Don’t go for the dieting pills, as they are just a temporary fix to your desired body image goal. Healthy foods and a good exercise will allow you to lose weight fast and safely, without compromising your health.

4. Consider Dieticians, Nutritional consultants

Dieticians, and nutritional consultants can provide the obese teens with a dedicated meal plan and suggest them the right weight loss plans to stick to. They also can advice on fitness and exercise routine to achieve weight loss goals in a healthy and natural way.

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5. Cardiovascular Activity

If you couldn’t schedule 60 minutes of physical activity in the mornings, aim for two 30-minute sessions of exercise in your day, or at least one session if you’re packed with most busy schedules. Playing basketball or tennis or football can cheer you up, while a morning dance class or just a jog can also be manageable, if you couldn’t hit the gym.

6. Strength Training Activity

Strength-training exercises can build your muscles and strengthen your bone density. Try the resistance exercises, which are easy to incorporate in your routine for at least three days each week for an hour. Begin with squats, wall sits, push-ups and try out other strength-building exercises like biceps curls, shoulder presses. Be consistent with your exercise plan to achieve the results.

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  1. I can appreciate these tips for promoting a healthy lifestyle in the new year. Eating is a huge part of health, so it is good to promote foods that make you feel good and give you the nutrients you need, like lean seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables. There are so many recipes to explore online to find creative ways to eat the foods you love and good ways to incorporate new foods, too.

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