Follow these 5 Steps for Flat Tummy – Women love to have flat tummies, and wish to flaunt it in body-hugged outfits or in their favourite sarees that flatter their hour-glass figure. But thanks to the sodas, chips, sugary drinks and junk foods that only ends in giving us flabby stomach, and we now place all our little outfits in the cupboards, and safely opt for an outfit that covers up our beer belly.

For all such ladies out there, here are 5 Simple Steps to achieve flat belly, and the cherry on the cake is you can achieve it in just a Week. In addition, you don’t have to make strict changes to any of your daily habits or schedules.

Step 1- Begin it off with circuit training

circuit training

Start your 1-week diet and fitness program with circuit training, which helps you burn fat and build lean muscle at same time. Go for circuit training thrice a week. Indulge in exercises such as push-ups, and pull-ups, Lunges for one set of 15 reps. Complete each of your exercise with a minute of jumping rope or jogging, and this will allow you to burn 500 to 600 calories per workout.

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Step 2 – Focus on Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal Muscles

Focus on abdominal muscles initially to lose belly bloating in 7 days. Work on abdominal muscle exercises, crunches and leg raises minimum thrice a week. Go for three sets of 20 repetitions. Also do planks by holding your body in a push-up position on your elbows for a minute for around 4 sets.

Step 3 – Cut back on Salt

Cut back on Salt

Reduce your salt/sodium intake and this minimizes the water retention in your body. Over 80% of our daily sodium intake comes from the processed and packaged foods. Cut down on them. Diet experts ask us to limit salt intake about 6g per day for adults and 3g per day for children. Too much of salt consumption can not only cause bloating and weight gain, but also high blood pressure and dehydration.

Step 4 – Watch what you Eat

Watch what you Eat

Keep an eye on what you are eating. Go for foods like green vegetables, fruits, chicken, whole grain breads and pastas, fish and low fat dairy in this 7 days flat tummy program. Avoid processed foods, sugary beverages, candies, and gum, and ditch the fattening foods like flavoured water, low-carbs sugar-free foods, artificial sweeteners.

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Step 5 – Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress

Stay stress and anxiety free. Stress and depression can sometimes make you overeat, or promote over-production of cortisol, which leads to weight gain, especially in tummy area. Try to calm down and solve the issues with positive attitude. Drink enough water and fluids, to prevent the dehydration.

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