Top 6 Fitness Myths and Facts You Should Know

Top 6 Fitness Myths and Facts You Should Know

Are you hitting the gym for a while now, and yet not seeing the desired results? There are chances that you may be doing it wrong. It’s because all the information you read about fitness is not accurate. The right thing to do is ask your fitness trainer or experts about what works for you.

However, there are some fitness myths that just need busting, to put you to the path to healthier, safer and enjoyable workout.  Here are Top 6 fitness myths and facts you should be aware of…

Myth 1: Cardio is the only workout for weight loss

Fact : Cardio is good for weight loss, but it alone is not enough for those who wants to stay fit and healthy. Cardio can make you lose muscle mass, and slows down your metabolism, making it harder for you to maintain healthy body weight. You should consider strength training workout into your daily routine increasing muscle tone. Combining cardio and Strength training increases your chances of slimming down and reaching your goals.

Myth 2: Lifting heavy weights bulks you

Fact : Weight Training can slim down women rather than bulking them up, as women have lower testosterone than men. Lifting weights can make women increase the metabolism and strength, and lower the risks of osteoporosis. So ladies, even if you’re using heavy dumbbells, you’ll be less physiologically prone to become brawny.

Myth 3: The more you Sweat, the more calories you burn

Fact : Sweat is a biological response and your body’s way of cooling itself, and not necessarily an indicator of exertion. You can burn more calories without breaking sweat at times, by taking a walk or light weight training. Over-sweating at gym doesn’t always mean you have burned more calories than usual.

Myth 4: AB exercises will give you a flat stomach

Fact : The only way to get flat tummy is to reduce the fats around your midsection. You can get the flat belly with cardio/aerobic exercises in burning calories, and strength training in increasing metabolism and following a balanced diet. Abdominal exercises will aid in building the muscle in your midsection, but you will never achieve the result unless the fat is eliminated in the areas.

Myth 5: Protein shakes are great for weight loss

Fact : Protein shakes are packed with vitamins, sugar and coloring agents, besides cheap proteins and don’t keep you full all the time. Focus on healthy eating- Whole foods have more fiber and keep you full and satisfied for longer hours. If you want to drink them, then opt for high end proteins, and include fats like nuts or oil to increase satiety.

Myth 6: More Pain; More Gain

Fact :  Remember exercises should not be painful, and in fact it’s your body’s way in reminding you that you are doing something wrong or you already have an injury. You may experience some soreness in the initial couple of days after working out, and it’s important to distinguish between soreness and muscle pain. If any of the workouts are causing you pain, listen to your body and stop them. Start them after your pain goes away, but if the pain is persistent, see a doctor.

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